Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors are still one of the most popular kinds of garage door. Wood is strong, beautiful and will last for years. It has a special look that can add to the appearance and appeal of any home.

One of the big appeals of garage doors made of wood is the fact that they can be made to fit any size opening. It is possible to have custom wood garage doors that slide or that swing out. You can also get bi-folds, or you can get the more common overhead garage doors wood panel. If you have a very low clearance in your garage you can still install an overhead garage door by using a system that is specially designed to accommodate this particular problem.


Painting a wood garage door is a quick and inexpensive way to give a house a face-lift. The best way to paint wood garage doors is to first remove all of the old paint. This can be done by using a garden hose. Once the paint is removed you need to roughen up the surface a bit. The purpose of this process is to make certain that there are no loose particles of paint.(See also roll up garage doors, low clearance garage door openers, Clopay garage doors and Chamberlain garage door openers)

Paint that is put over old paint has to be able to stick. If you do not rough up the surface by sanding or rubbing with a light steel wool, your paint will peel off very quickly. Once you have the door cleaned, be certain that it is completely dry. Paint that is applied to a moist wood surface will bubble. Depending on the type of paint that you have decided to use, and the color, you might have to use a primer. There are a variety of good paints on the market that come with a built in primer, so you may be able to avoid this step. However, if you are going from a dark color to a lighter one, a primer is generally recommended. You also should make certain that you select a paint that is suitable to all kinds of harsh weather conditions.

Wood doors

One of the great things about wood doors is that if you want you can stain the door rather than paint. You can find any number of beautiful wood stains that are specifically made for outdoors use. A stain will bring out many of the woods natural features. If you cannot afford to get a genuine wood garage door you can always purchase a wood look garage door.


Wood doors can be made to look very traditional or, with the right finish, they can be very modern and sophisticated. No matter how you decide to finish your wood garage doors you know that they are sure to add security and beauty to your home.