Wood Buildings Have Now Become Extremely Affordable – Know How!

Although, wood might be considered as one of the oldest building products, but when it comes to flexibility in its design, its application can be far from old-fashioned.

The fact that wood buildings bring in sustainable attributes like the prominence of a good interior air quality, renewability and energy efficiency makes architect build fresh new innovative designs.

The capability of wood buildings to bring innovation in long span bridges, huge building constructions with strength and integrity and is lighter weight when compared to concrete makes it an ideal choice for any experimental product.

It does not matter whether you are considering an extra storage space, an additional garage, a weekend getaway cottage, a hunting cabin or your primary home, wood buildings have always been and are still considered to be one of the most preferred options for construction organizations.

Its unlimited advantages have made many manufacturers spring up with new concepts and designs in home improvement.

Benefits of Wooden Buildings:

Cost-effective – wooden buildings are still one of the most appreciated and commonly found homes for a number of reason but most importantly its cost-effectiveness.

The biggest advantage of wooden buildings or wooden homes is that it can be easily modified and adjusted to changes even when the construction is going on. Wood framing, moreover, is one of the most inexpensive ways to build your dream home. Making changes on a concrete home can not only be extremely difficult but can make the process extremely expensive.

Durability – Wooden cabins have always stood the test of time for centuries and is one of the most reliable options when you have a construction in mind.

As a home settle and move, wooden framing fine-tune and maintain the home’s structural capacity. In case if you have cracks in your wood, framing it can be strengthened or replaced at a very small charge.

Thermal security – with proper materials and procedure followed while installing wooden frame houses, it offers a minimum of R -19 insulation on the outside walls making them quite efficient when it comes to thermal protection.

Also, numerous manufacturers are coming up with advanced thermal protection options in wooden homes which may vary in price as well as in performance.

How Do I Maintain Wooden Buildings?

Restoration and maintenance process consist of two basic elements:

Surface preparation – take a close look on your wooden building and if you find that there are any old finishes which is cracking or peeling or any type of coating on wood, it only indicates to one simple solution – stripping.

While stripping make sure that the stripper you use is designed to remove the old finish on your wood as most of them work well on oil based paints. A log home usually collects a lot of dust and dirt which can be easily rinsed away.

Preserving – if you find visible signs of rot it needs to be addressed right away. These rots may appear on the inside and will not be visible from outside so you can only detect them by tapping on the wood logs.

The best preservation tactics for log homes are borates as they are less toxic and don’t change color of the wood. Wood needs to be treated every five years especially when it comes in contact with the ground, so it’s extremely important that you pay close attention.

Prefabricated Wood Homes Vs Traditional Wooden Homes

Prefabricated wooden homes have become extremely popular today as they are less messy and extremely cost-effective when compared to building a traditional home from scratch.

Here are some points to consider when comparing prefabricated wooden homes to traditional wooden homes:

  • Prefab Wood buildings are more cost-effective when compared to building a traditional home.
  • You may get more options in designs and sizes when opting for prefab wood buildings, but you may have to hire a contractor to design a project when considering traditional homes.
  • Prefab construction finishes in almost a day, while the other takes almost half a year.
  • Customizable option for building a traditional home is more when compared to prefab wooden buildings.

If you thought wood buildings have become extremely expensive to afford today, think again because the market today offers numerous options for almost any kind of budget and the designs that come in them are extremely cost-effective. A little research will surely help you find your dream home.