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An Approximate Price Calculation of Prefab Log Cabins and Homes

Prefabricated log cabins come in numerous design plans and sizes that can be used for the largest family vacation or a small additional space.

While choosing these amazing structures you can opt for homes that have log already installed on the exterior or can choose unassembled logs which you can install by yourself.

Naturally, the options come with different prices and so if you are approximating your budget, there are a few things apart from the design that you might need to consider.

While approximating your budget for prefab log homes here are few points to remember:

  • Land price
  • Facilities provided on the land
  • Utilities that need to be included in the home
  • Permits
  • Any contractors that need to be hired
  • Installation professionals (if needed)
  • The design of home

Prefabricated log homes like all other modular homes are built in a factory environment and then shifted to the actual construction site and assembled together.

This means that all the houses are made in factory control environment that does not expose the raw materials to any harsh weather conditions and you can also expect a timely delivery.

Just because these homes are built in a factory, you might not have to face late delivery excuses related to whether related work stopping. Modular homes definitely come with different price tags depending on its designs, facilities and sizes, but one thing is for sure – they are extremely cheap when compared to constructing a traditional home from scratch!

Moreover, modular cabins give you the freedom to choose the design that you want and give you higher alteration facility. You can alter the floor according to your desires or add or subtract facilities and features including the door, windows, lighting and other customizable options.

Approximate Price Value of a Prefabricated Home:

If you are ready to choose a 900 ft.² home that consists of two bathrooms and two bedrooms, it may cost you around $80,000.

For those who want to go for a much more lavish expenditure, choosing a 2200 ft.² that gives you four bedrooms and three bathrooms may cost you somewhere between $150,000 – $185,000.

If your budgets allows you to roll on with a little extra bucks then with a $198,000, you can be an owner of a lavish 2500 ft.² apartment furnished with four bedrooms and four bathrooms with an additional floor as a bonus space that you can keep for meeting your friends and relatives.

These price structures are just an approximate value for better understanding and have been calculated for homes that are completely finished with furnishings and just need to be installed on the site.

These constructions come completely including all the fixtures, wiring, plumbing, floor treatment, additional cabinets, appliances and other accessories.

The approximate value of a modular home per square feet runs anywhere from $100 – $160 depending on the facilities that you wish to choose.

Remember, that these prices are subjected to changes according to the alterations that you wish to consider, so it is totally up to you to approximate your values by making a few adjustments here and there to get your dream project.

Choosing a prefabricated log cabin can be one of the wisest decisions that you make because they can not only be installed extremely easily, but also can be made in no time at all.

For those who are on a strict budget and cannot afford to go for concrete structures from scratch can definitely choose log cabins for their convenience. The popularity of log cabins has been skyrocketing for the past few years just because they are efficient in time and in value.

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A Complete Guide on Prefab Apartment Buildings

A prefabricated apartment building is definitely unique because it is built not only in a climate control factory but also reduces the chances of any weather-related delays or problems.

A recent study has revealed that most wood decay and moist happening on apartment buildings can be blamed on its transportation and storage during its construction stages.

The fact that prefab apartment buildings constructed in a factory environment eliminates any possibility of building material damage.

Why Are Prefab Apartment Buildings So Famous?

  • One of the most attractive aspects of prefab apartment buildings are that it allows numerous options and design possibilities.
  • Moreover, your builder will work with the manufacture as well as you to design the right type of apartment building that suits your needs.
  • Manufacturers today come with a wide range of housing plans to choose from with styles that goes beyond one’s imagination.
  • They also offer numerous customizable options allowing you to design your own floor plans, pick the style of windows, and choose colors on your carpet, vinyl, interiors, countertops and more.

The possibilities of alteration are almost endless here.

How Much Time Does A Prefab Apartment Take To Construct?

  • Modular homes or prefab apartments are generally built in about 1/3 time needed to construct a newly built home.
  • With careful planning and organizing you can get your apartment within weeks after selecting it. The good part about this reduced time of construction is that it also reduces the interest on any construction financing.
  • In addition, you may also get highly skilled workforce that the manufacturer provides which makes your apartment the best in the industry.
  • You will also not encounter any kind of delays, slow workforce, bad weather and other excuses which might happen in a conventional instruction site.

Does Prefab Apartment Provide Better Quality Construction?

Since your prefab apartment is built in factories, manufacturers use the best of tools available to custom manufacture its parts, you can be sure that all the aspects of your prefab apartment will be flawless.

In addition, the walls of the apartment are lag-bolted to its exterior walls and other facilities are installed on all of the apartment’s electrical outlet boxes. Moreover, good quality straps support the wall to the floor.

Will Shipping And Transportation Of These Apartments Damage Its Parts?

Once the modular home is constructed in the factory it is loaded for transportation. To handle all the damages of shipping each apartment is constructed with approximately 30% more material than a conventional home.

This is a great advantage as it increases the structural strength of the apartment and also provides a rigid system that performs much efficiently than conventional housing system.

Prefab Apartment Manufacturers That You May Wish To Consider:

All American Homes: All American Homes is one of nation’s leading manufacturers of modular housing and has large network of independent builders in most states.

They have authorized builders throughout the upper Midwest, Midwest and the east of the United States.

Apex Modular Homes: located in Pennsylvania, this modular home manufacturer provides some of the most excellent options in prefabricated housing varieties.

Connecticut Valley Homes: this manufacturer coordinates work with homebuyers in Rhode Island and Connecticut. They have an excellent reputation and have built over 1400 homes and are a highly experienced and reliable construction company.

Alouette Homes: this manufacturer has been manufacturing modular and analyze home since 1971. They are one of the few Canadian manufacturers that have been certified ISO 9001 quality standard and assures that every home is a reflection of their quality and hard work.

Apart from these, you might also find a couple of other prefab apartment manufacturers that may suit your construction needs. Opting for a prefabricated apartment is way more beneficial than going for a conventional one is terms of the time, money and energy spent on it.

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Prebuilt Homes – A Complete Overview on What to Expect

If you are all set to build a new home but is dreading the stress and hassle of constructing and planning, then the right option you could go for is prebuilt homes.

Prebuilt homes today have become exceptionally popular as they have unlimited benefits and is simply a better choice for anyone who wants a faster, better, cleaner and smarter option.

What You Mean By Prebuilt Homes?

Prefabricated homes or modular homes are built in sections in a complete factory controlled environment.

Every building process is done indoor which means it is never subjected to any harsh weather conditions and is made completely with the company’s quality control department’s overview in each and every step.

Once these sections are built the modules are covered perfectly for protection and transported to your construction site and assembled to make a single construction. This construction can either be done by you or by your local builder.

How Long Can I Expect Prebuilt Homes To Be Completed?

The construction process of a prebuilt home totally depends upon your manufacturer as well as the design, but generally a prebuilt home can take as little as 1 week to be completed in the factory.

Moreover, all the components of the home are built indoors so you can never expect a weather delay. Once all the components are transported to your construction site it usually takes another two weeks for your local builder to complete the construction.

What Are The Benefits Of A Prebuilt Home When Compared To Traditional Homes?

  • Since it is completely made in a factory controlled environment, highest quality is ensured of workmanship.
  • You cannot expect any kind of weather delays, so it builds right on schedule.
  • Nothing can be expected beyond the builders control as every component of the construction has been preplanned.
  • Inspection can be made of each and every detail in the building process.
  • Guaranteed completion dates.
  • Perfection is guaranteed in each and every aspect of the building process.
  • Have numerous finance options available.
  • Can be customized during the building stage.
  • Numerous contemporary designs and innovative aspects offered by manufacturers.
  • Minimal wastage of material and also allows recycling.

Do All Prebuilt Home Look Alike?

Not at all, different manufacturers offer amazing varieties in its design and sizes, so you can choose the design you want with customized options.

Manufacturers today use computer-aided design programs to draw construction plans according to your needs and specification. Hence, almost any kind of home plan can be turned into a prefabricated home.

However, it is extremely important that you choose to ask questions about flexibility to your manufacturer and review your drawings before the building process starts.

How Can I Finance A Prebuilt Home?

Numerous finance options are available as most insurance companies, banks and appraises are ready to finance modular homes just the way they do for conventionally built homes.

You can inquire in your bank or mortgage brokers on different finance options on prebuilt homes.

Are Prebuilt Homes More Cost Effective When Compared To Traditional Building Process?

One of the major reasons why people today choose to go for readymade homes is because they are more cost-effective when compared to conventional homes. Moreover, you can not only save money on construction, but most modular homes today are highly energy efficient which reduces your cooling and heating expense.

You can also choose different materials on your home to ensure less expense on the total construction.

It is highly recommended that you start the process of your home construction with choosing to buy the land first.

This way you can know how big you want your home to be, the facilities that should be included and the type of home that fits the neighborhood.

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Is A Modular Garage the Right Choice ? – Understand Modular Garages

If you thought that customers were reluctant to think beyond traditionally built homes, it may come as a surprise that they have already started to think about modular homes and modular garages today as they are easy to install in addition to offering excellent reliability.

A modular garage is usually manufactured by companies that have many years of experience in this profession. Their experience reflects in build quality, materials used, overall fit and finish and functionality.

These garages no longer remain as a cheap alternative to traditional garages but are highly considered for its amazing quality and excellent design options.

A modular garage is built in a factory with advanced tools and the high-pressure assembly systems ensure excellent durability on sides, joints and railings.

Most factories use a screw setup over nails and this also adds to the structural strength. Factory assembly also have another distinct advantage: your modular garage can be finished in a span of days instead of weeks or months taken by traditional contractors.

The components are already available and with the assembly unit of a factory, it takes very less time to install, do a quality check and finish work on a modular garage.

Typical Advantages of Modular Garages

  • Price is not the only advantage for using modular garages, but their installation on site can be done in less than an hour.
  • Since the plumbing and electrical work is done in the factory, lot of time can be saved on installation in addition to saving extra costs.
  • A modular garage can be relocated whenever you want and this is a divergent advantage that traditional garages can never offer. Nothing can beat the structural integrity of modular garages as they are factory built and a brick built garage don’t even come close.
  • Better air tightness and draughts mean maximum energy efficiency, something that will result as savings on your energy bills. Most modular/prebuilt garages are also thermally efficient than timber garages and their heat retaining capability gives them more reliability.
  • Most manufacturers use steel and other chemically processed manufacturing components that are resistant to mold and other organisms that pose serious threat to your garage.
  • The lowest amount of heat loss and brilliant mold resistance means lesser maintenance costs. Maintenance is a headache not only because of the cost but also due to issues associated with finding manpower.
  • If you want to add shelves, it can be done with self tapping wood screws and this saves you from drilling. Most parts of a modular garage don’t require painting jobs from time to time and this is a huge cost-saving feature.

Choosing a Modular Garage Manufacturer

Since many companies offer modular/prefab garages and homes locally, finding some service providers in your area is the first step. Instead of using price as the only option in deciding a garage builder, consider other factors such as their experience and customer reviews.

There are quite a few manufacturers who have several decades of experience in this profession and longer experience generally means better quality products for customers.

Many companies are initially very excited to get customers but the same enthusiasm is not maintained when they deal with them after the sale.

This, of course, is a bad thing but you can avoid such situations with caution. Customer reviews are great tool to check the credibility of a manufacturer. Always choose someone with experience and ask them to give some references.

Be clear on everything from the delivery date, transportation, warranty policy and future customer assistance, but don’t take their worlds on anything, get everything in written documents. As experience has shown us in many instances, nothing is a proof as long as it’s not in black and white!

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Modular Home Prices

Modular home prices are perhaps the single most attractive thing about these homes.

Many people want to buy a new home, but they want to choose the site. They do not want to purchase a pre-built home on a selected lot. Although people want these choices, they do not want to go through the hassle of hiring a builder and dealing with the headaches that go along with building a new home.


New homes that are built in the traditional way are subject to weather and constant construction delays. These delays often result in cost overruns. On the other hand, modular homes have a set price. A good builder will be able to tell you the exact cost of the home that you have selected. (Check out modular garages and modular log homes also)

Another attraction of the modular home is the fact that they are manufactured in a climate-controlled  factory.  A log cabin that is built on location is subject to the elements. Wood, concrete and other materials can be damaged by the rain and snow. Extreme heat and cold can also cause damage to building materials. Mobile builders finish almost the entire building in the factory before they transport it to your chosen location. The on-site building is kept to an absolute minimum.


The cost of delivery should be on your list of things to discuss with the builder. The fact that these homes are portable is part of their appeal. You get to select the location of your new home. However, where you want to place the modular home is going make a difference in the final bill. Pre-made home builders will often guarantee the date of delivery, provided that you have made all the necessary arrangements beforehand. You should talk to the company about any preparations that you may be expected to make.

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing any modular home designs, you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can select any plan that appeals to you, or if you prefer, you can talk to the company and ask about a custom design. Countless modular home producers are more than willing to assist you with a custom model.

The warranty on these homes is something that appeals to many buyers. A dealer can often warranty the complete home for a number of years and offer longer guarantees regarding the structure for at least ten years.


Modular home prices are attractive to many people. As a buyer you get a brand-new home, at a set price, in the location of your choice. A home owner’s dream come true.

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Prefab Kit Homes | Green Prefab Homes

Around the world, prefab kit homes have taken the construction industry by storm. With a large number of prefab dwellings sprouting up, there is no more economical way to get it assembled than by getting together family and friends.

The number of modular homes has skyrocketed in the last decade due to a number of reasons:

  • Lack of builders
  • Easier to get work done yourself
  • Huge savings
  • Structure is prone to harsh weather, termites, mice and other rodents
  • Lower carbon footprint


Green Prefab Homes

Green prefab homes are a safe and secure alternative to concrete buildings. It’s easy to customize, green and modern. The modern aesthetics, excellent use of space and powerful building technology allows them to withstand most harsh environments.

Modern prefab homes are no way similar to the modular homes of the past. Today, designer models are available that are pre-packed and numbered for easy erection. Construction of prefabricated homes takes a relatively shorter time than conventional buildings since all building components get delivered at the same time.

All prefab kit homes arrive on site fully plumbed and wired. They are manufactured with complete kitchens, power points, bathrooms, living rooms and switches in place. This truly redefines plug-in-play. Technology has contributed greatly to modular housing that there are even ‘origami’ green prefab homes that literally fold onto a truck to be delivered anywhere.

Many homes today are manufactured with cedar that is aromatic to people. Other than that, it acts as an insect repellant as well. The organic compound (Thujaplicins) releases a fresh, pleasant cedar aroma. What proves an attraction to you would be a distraction to the insects. They would easily leave your house alone and look for cozy pine structures instead.

If you are looking for a holiday home, then a cabin kit could work equally well for you. These houses consist of pre-built “Panelized” Home and Cabin Shell Packages. The polished hardwood floors, spacious rooms, picture windows, septic tanks and garage make it a home away from home. They are a strikingly individualistic housing option.

Architects are interested in the latest technology in modular single and double-wide houses. Prefab kit homes have shown a way to a much needed reform that is the true nature of modern architecture. Combine textured accessories, vintage finds and modern pieces to modular buildings to create a one-in-a-million effect. This is an investment you can be assured of.

Prefab commercial buildings are also well worth checking out.

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