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A Guide to Shop and Buy the Best Cleary Buildings

Call them pole barns, storage sheds, suburban buildings or simply agricultural houses, Cleary buildings Corp. has proved to be one of the best options when it comes to pre-engineered structures and has perfected the art of construction, manufacturing and delivery.

The company manufactures pre-engineered buildings for residential, agricultural, commercial, horse barns and other building applications. Their expertise in this arena has been substantial since 1978 and today is known for delivering a stress-free design for every need.

What Are The Different Products They Sell?

The company offers custom-designed pre-engineered buildings throughout all locations in the United States and can offer DIY material packages that fit the client’s needs.

They have designed more than 35 DIY kits with an experience of more than 32 years. Each package has different pricing structure depending on its standard accessories and sizes.

Each of these 35 kits has a well-prepared material and planned list such that it can be ordered quickly and efficiently to the client. Here are some of their options:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Horse barns
  • Energy miser buildings
  • Residential metal roofing and replacement
  • Arenas
  • Aircraft buildings
  • Machinery buildings
  • Sports facilities
  • Suburban buildings
  • Toy box buildings
  • Park shelter
  • Fire station building
  • Residential building
  • Ministorage structures
  • Dairy livestock sheds
  • Storage part
  • Municipal buildings

Advantages of Using Cleary Buildings

Millions of people in the United States have opted for Cleary buildings, as they are efficient, trustworthy and of course durable. The fact that these constructions can be installed by your own makes it quite affordable and yet the company gives one of the best warranties in the industry ever.

Here are some advantages as to why Cleary buildings have been and will always be a successful establishment for years to come:

  • The company is the only national builder that is debt free for more than 28 years which means that the company is doing extremely well and is financially stable.
  • The company gives one of the best warranties in the industry and a great financial strength to keep you away from any kind of risk.
  • The company claims to have 98% customer satisfaction which surely is seen from their high records of sales throughout the year.
  • Extreme reliability is one of the core points that the company strives upon as it is highly efficient in timely delivery, on time start and on-time completion of the project.
  • They believe in investing in their employees by giving them education through the best university so that they can come up with best service and a better solution.
  • Their special shamrock service guarantee gives you personal service and completely dedicates themselves in designing your dream structure.

What Are Their Delivery Procedure?

First of all, the company is known to deliver anywhere in the continental of United States and all one needs to do is to just e-mail them with the right address. Once the e-mail reaches the authorities, you will be called to notify when your building materials will arrive and what should be done to assist unloading.

You might need to notify the company if there are any roads or bridges on your way that does not allow vehicles weighing more than 32 tons and if the delivery truck can get inside the building site.

What Are The Payment Terms?

A 25% credit card payment is needed up front to start the building process.

75% payments via credit card needs to be done one week prior to the delivery of materials on the site

You are eligible for a 2% cash discount on building materials if you mail a check to the company’s corporate office for payment.

Cleary buildings have always impressed customers throughout the United States with their exceptional pricing structure and an efficient service that bring a smile on every face.

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Cleary Buildings

Cleary Buildings have one of the most reliable and dependable names in the industry. People choose to buy from Cleary because they offer a wide range of pre-engineered structures that can suit almost any commercial or residential need. They are able to build anything from simple barns to complex sports centers.

The Cleary Building Corp first opened its doors to the public in 1978, in Wisconsin. Since that time, they have been able to grow and expand and now have offices all over the USA. Due to their strong growth and success as a company, Cleary has added two new manufacturing plants, one in Idaho and the other in Nebraska. With these additions Cleary is better able to serve its customers all over the USA.

To appreciate how good this company is, you have to understand what a pre-engineered structure is. When Cleary designs a building, they use computers, which enable them to design it to very precise measurements and standards. They are then able to produce that exact building in their plant and ship it to the location of your choice.


Cleary steel buildings

Cleary Steel Buildings are recognized for the high quality of steel used in all of their products. When you are looking at their panels you have a number of options to choose from depending upon where you live and the weather conditions. One of their top products is their galvanized steel, which has undergone the standard zinc process. However, the treatments that Cleary uses ensure that the coating is thicker than many of its competitors. See also steel building kits.


Cleary metal building

Cleary also offers bare steel. This choice permits the consumer to select the type of rust proofing that they would prefer. This is very important if you want to be able to paint the steel. A Cleary metal building can be painted for you, if you do not want to do the job yourself. They offer a wide range of colors to select from should you select this option.

A Cleary building incorporates wood into is structures. To guarantee that their wood does not suffer from decay or rot, they treat all the lumber that they use. They only use materials that will be able to meet the standard of the American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA). The wood that they treat is not only water resistant; it will resist insect attack and decay or rot caused by fungus.  Additionally, this special treatment is safe for animals, plants and people.


The first place to contact if you need a new structure for either commercial or residential use is Cleary buildings. They can provide you with an accurate estimate not only of the price of the building, but on the time and installation process. No matter what your requirements, Cleary is the perfect choice.

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