Storage Shed Kits-Storage Shed Kit Considerations

If you’re looking to build a storage shed, storage shed kits are a great option, especially if you’re not the best handyman or don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

There are many selections available, including metal, wood and vinyl.

Wood Shed Kits

Options for wood shed kits include cedar, pine, hemlock and spruce. A wood shed will require some painting and treatment for termite infestation every year for best results.


Metal Shed Kits

Aluminum and steel are the only choices when you opt for a metal shed kit and leading manufacturers include Arrow sheds. One of the more popular companies is Arrow. All of their sheds are made from metal. They’re easy to erect and usually only take a few hours. If you’re not that familiar with construction, it may take you up to a full day to assemble your shed.(Check out horse barn plans)

The great benefit of metal sheds is the sturdy nature of them and the low maintenance required together with ease of assembly.

Plastic/Vinyl Shed Kits

As the name implies, for these shed kits your choices are either vinyl or plastic and leading suppliers include Rubbermaid, Suncast and Keter.


Convenience is the name of the game when deciding to choose a shed kit. They are delivered to you ready to erect with all of the parts and instructions for quick and simple construction. All you’ll need are common household tools to put them together, like a hammer, drill and screwdrivers. It’s always a best practice to get somebody to lend a hand while assembling the shed and to put it in a good, solid location so it has a strong foundation.

Foundations can be made in several ways. If you’re looking for a simple base, you may choose to just lay down some gravel. If you want a more permanent and sturdy foundation, you should go with concrete and use rebar when you really want it to last.

Either way, be sure to lay down a good, sturdy membrane before putting in the base so your foundation will be waterproof.

Leading Shed Kit Suppliers

There are many well known names in the industry that supply shed kits. They include Murryhill, Duramax, Glenwood and Arrow. After delivery of your shed kit, be sure to doublecheck that all the necessary parts and instructions are there before you beging construction. Once your shed is finished, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for protecting and cleaning your shed to ensure a long life.

Shed kits are a great way to go if you don’t plan on designing and constructing one on your own. They’re also save you money as opposed to purchasing a shed already put together.


When looking at storage shed kits your main consideration will be the ease of assembly and the time saved in assembling a prefabricated shed kit with easy to follow instructions. Also critical will be your do it yourself and woodworking skills-if you are challenged in this area a kit might be a good choice.