Southland Log Homes

Southland Log Homes is the largest manufacturer of log homes in the United States.

The business opened its doors in 1978, and since that time has produced some of the finest log homes in the nation. A company that has built its reputation on service and quality, Southland is the one to contact if you are looking for a log house.


If you are interested in building a log cabin, you should consider purchasing a log home kit. The kits, that are provided by Southland, offer many advantages. Their packages include everything from the shingles to pressure treated floor jousts. Their goal is to provide not only a solid structure, but one that looks beautiful both inside and out. (Check out log cabin floor plans and prefab garages also)

One of the jargon terms in the construction industry is “green”. This term often refers to the design of the home. “Green” houses are designed to be environmentally friendly. The builders and designers at Southland are aware of the appeal of these homes to prospective buyers and try their best to make each home as green friendly as possible. One of the ways they do this is to make certain that they produce houses that will be energy efficient. Their homes require less heat in the winter and less cooling in the summer months. You may find the sale price of a Southland log home higher than some companies. Nonetheless, the savings over the long term are well worth the investment.


If you are near Macon, Georgia you should take a short trip and stop at the Southland model log home. This fabulous log home features three bedrooms and two bathrooms. With just over 1700 square feet, it is an ideal family home that is not only spacious but also features a gorgeous kitchen. However, do not be concerned if you can’t see this wonderful model home in person since you can view it online, or you can visit one of the many other model homes that Southland has scattered across the nation.

The Southland website has many pictures of their various homes and designs. It will allow you to browse through their numerous different houses and take a good look at all the options.  Alternatively, if you plan to design your home, you can use their online log home design tool to give you ideas and help you to create a custom log house. If you see a design that you like, but want to make certain alterations you can do this using the simple web log home tool.


The people at Southland are there to make your purchasing experience as simple and easy as possible. From online tools to assisting with locating the perfect place to build, Southland is there. Southland Log Homes are the first name when it comes to log houses.