Small Cabin Plans

Small cabin plans are available on the internet.

These plans cover an entire range of products. They also come with various options and upgrades. However, before you select the first plan that you see, take a bit of time and investigate all the choices that are available. If you want to save yourself a lot of money, online plans are ideal.


There are many reasons that you may want to buy a small cabin. It could be that you want to have an additional storage shed for your yard and lawn equipment. You may want to be able to keep your quad or ATV dry when it is not being used. Or perhaps you are looking for a nice small cottage to build on your private acreage for weekend getaways. You can find online plans for all of these structures and more. (Check out affordable pole barn kits and Southland log homes)

If you are searching for a plan to be used as a guest cottage for weekend getaways, you should visit many of the online companies. These sites provide many different designs that can accommodate the tastes of almost any individual. Their floor plans may include everything from a simple one-bedroom  log cabin to a simple cottage that can accommodate any of the modern conveniences that you may want to install.


There are advantages to buying a design from a good company as opposed to selecting one that is free online. Many of these companies can alter or adjust the building to suit any of your personal requirements. Additionally, if you are planning to build a country cottage, you may be required to ensure that it is built up to all local codes and regulations. These sites are often able to assist you with any problems that you may have during the assembly phase.  They can also provide you with any important information that you may need to know prior to building.

If you are looking for a log home or shed you might want to take some time to investigate a kit. There are hundreds of different kits available, and you have to read all the details carefully. Many of the kits are completely ready to put together once they arrive on-site. All the measuring and cutting has been done for you. The only thing for you to do is the final assembly.


Whether you are an experienced builder or a complete amateur, you can construct your own log house, cabin or storage building. If you are in need of small cabin plans, then go on the internet and start looking.  Be certain that whatever you decide to purchase comes with a good instruction manual.