Sliding Barn Door Plans

Sliding barn door plans are essential for those looking to build a sliding barn door as there are plans that will help you along the way.

You may choose from various types of sliding barn doors. There are many that you can get free online, or your may choose to purchase a plan for a reasonable amount. It shouldn’t take long; a simple search will reveal quite a few plans for what you’re looking for.


Make sure that you have the correct door hardware for your barn doors and that you have a good strong frame and most appropriate track. Sliding barn doors use the same principles as industrial hangar doors but whether you are looking for a sliding garage door or even a sliding glass door the same considerations apply. See also pole barn kits and prefab garages..


Nearly every sliding barn door plan will have a track and rollers. Of course, you’ll need to pick out the type of door you want. You can expect to pay around $520 to $1,200.


The costs vary by the material you choose for the door. If you opt for the sliding wood barn door, you’ll probably find a wide range of options online. However, if you choose a metal door, you may end up paying a fee for the plan since they require more details and could be harder to install.


Barn Door Plans

If you feel that the installation process isn’t for you, you could hire a carpenter to do the job for you. You can expect them to charge around $70 an hour. So, if you can do the work yourself, searching for a barn door plan. That’s always the best cost saving route to take. You can expect to spend about 15-20 hours to install it if you’re building the door from scratch. If you purchase a complete door, it will probably only take you about 3-4 hours to finish the job.


Having a barn door plan is crucial in order to get the sliding barn doors installed correctly. If you need to buy an existing wood barn door plan, you can expect to pay around $8-$15.


Take precaution to find a sliding wood barn door plan that matches the style of door you choose. Many sites will offer steps for designing your barn door as well as a price range for what the installation will run.


You may opt for a complete sliding barn door kit, including all of the parts and plan to install.  You may completely choose the options for your door with this option. However, because it’s ready to install and includes everything, you can be sure you’ll pay more.


Whether you choose a sliding barn door plan that is free or paid for, a web search is the best way to find one for you, quickly and easily.