Prefab Wooden Garages: Key Considerations When Buying one

Prefab wooden garages are a convenient and cheap option if you are looking to house a motor vehicle or two. However there are a number of factors to consider before buying a prefab wooden garage.

You need to ensure that your prefab garage is supplied by a reputable firm with qualified carpenters and tradesmen. Transportation of your prefab garage can be a bumpy enough experience so you will need to ensure that your prefab garage is built by professionals with quality materials that are stored inside.
Generally prefab garages will be cheaper than stick built and the time from start to finish should be a matter of weeks, not months.

One thing you will need to establish before you order is whether you need a building permit or not. This can vary a great deal from county to county and state to state so check locally.

Your prefab garage supplies should be able to help you here if you require a permit as you will need some assistance with providing details such as what the finished garage will look like, you may be required to supply a set of structural and layout plans and other factors.
An experienced prefab garage supplies should be familiar with the procedure and should be of good assistance to you. But check this first when doing the negotiations.

A lot of prefab garages will come with a wooden floor as standard. If you are concerned about ground moisture or damp you should consider the wisdom of getting some pressure treated floor joists and treated plywood.

You will also need to consider the base for your garage and a concrete slab is recommended. A lot of local municipalities will require a concrete slab for a floor so make sure you are not being charged for a wooden floor when you will be unable to use it and have to install a concrete floor instead.

Make sure to factor in the cost of putting in a concrete slab for your floor because this will add considerably to the base price of your prefab garage.

Don’t forget your side entry door options too-for convenience a side entry door is essential and will allow you to access your garage without having to come and go from the overhead front garage door all the time.

Other things you might consider for your prefab garage might include a workbench, shelving, windows, a power source and lighting and any heavy duty work tools you might use.

Hopefully these pointers will help you when it comes to choosing prefab wooden garages for your property.