Prefab Sheds

Prefab sheds have come a long way-modern prefab sheds for example are architecturally designed prefab sheds offering panelized wall, roof and floor systems.


Modern sheds

The Modern Shed™ is really a cut above most prefab sheds and are manufactured in their controlled factory environment leading to ease of assembly for you on your property.


Modern Sheds feature pine tongue and groove or cedar roofing, pressure treated plywood floors with sub floors and insulation and a choice of sidings ranging from a cement composite siding to a waterproof open joint siding system.


Other choices for your wall siding with Modern Sheds include hardie-plank, hardie-lap and cedar.


All Modern Sheds are customized and manufactured to your specifications and range in size from 8 x 10 feet right up to 16 x 40 foot prefab structures that are much more than storage sheds.


Modern sheds are more than just prefab sheds-they can undoubtedly be used as extra living space at your home and one of the prime reasons for their popularity is the option to customize their prefab sheds/living space right down to the type of trim you choose.


Prefab storage sheds

If it is straightforward storage space you need then many homeowners look to prefab shed kits ranging from metal shed kits to wood to vinyl to sort out their storage difficulties.


Tuff sheds

One of the most popular prefab storage sheds on the market are Tuff sheds. Tuff sheds offer steel or wood shed options and will install your new prefab shed on your property for you with the price being included in your initial quotation.


One of the attractive features of Tuff sheds is that you may not need to install a shed base as Tuff sheds have a steel joist system which provides a good foundation for your shed and which is moisture resistant.


However you may need a concrete pad if you intend storing very heavy objects in your new storage shed.

Tuff Sheds are not shed kits-rather they are installed on site by Tuff Shed installers. Tuff sheds use a siding which is warrantied for 50 years-a Duratemp® plywood siding.


Generally Tuff sheds can be installed on your property in 1 working day-don’t forget to check whether you need a building permit in your locality for your new storage shed.


Prefab shed kits

Prefab shed kits are very popular because of the ease of assembly and if you are not inclined to build a storage shed from scratch.


Some popular prefab sheds include Keter sheds which are made from plastic and some features of Keter sheds are choices of windows, doors, ramps, internal shelving, ventilation and termite and pest resistance.


Rubbermaid sheds

Rubbermaid sheds are made from heavy duty plastic and offer an enormous range of shapes and sizes to accommodate whatever limited space you might have at your disposal.


Suncast vinyl sheds

Like Rubbermaid and Keter, Suncast sheds offer a massive range of prefab storage shed solutions and as well as horizontal and vertical storage units Suncast offer much bigger storage buildings which can really enhance your home and provide a solution to any storage problem you might have.


Metal shed kits

Metal shed kits are also an option with Arrow being one of the leading suppliers of metal prefab storage sheds.


Prefab garages

Many of the prefab shed suppliers above supply prefab garages also ranging up to carports and fully fledged prefab garages which can double as work areas and extra living space.


Prefab sheds have come a long way and have embraced modern technology in the choice of materials used such as wood, metal and vinyl. Manufactured in slick, modern factories these prefab kits can be an incredibly convenient, time saving way to give you and your property some much needed extra storage space.