Prefab Apartment Buildings – Housing Solutions

Prefabricated or prefab apartment buildings are basically factory built components that are assembled on-site. The manufactures create sections that are transported to the construction site where they are put together.

These houses are low on energy, environmentally friendly, affordable and easy on the eyes. For this simple reason, the demand for prefab housing has increased over the years.

The assembly of a prefab apartment building is based on a similar concept as that of a car. Due to environmental advances and the high cost of real estate, countries like Europe, Australia and America are amongst the top consumers of prefabricated houses.

Don’t be misled with the fact that prefab buildings are difficult to customize. As a matter of fact, the choice is endless. You can add crown moldings and hot tubs the same way you get new seats for the car. Get a prefabricated home constructed to your own specification. Actually, there is a large variety of options to choose from based on your budget.

The term ‘Prefab’ by itself covers both manufactured and modular homes:

  1. Manufactured homes – In the days gone by, they were known as mobile homes. They sit on a steel chasses. The chassis not only acts as a strong foundation for the house, but also used in their transportation. The assembly line construction brought down the cost of these homes to a great extent.
  2. Modular homes – These types of homes are of higher class and are more apt with the current prefab trend of residential homes. The material used in modular houses are far expensive than manufactured homes. Since they also include some mind blowing upgrade options such as granite counter tops and antique flooring, these prefab apartment buildings can get relatively larger in size as well. They are constructed with steel posts and wooden beams.

Prefab housing is prefect for those on a budget but nowadays architects are experimenting to produce superior styled homes. They had added environmental benefits like energy efficiency which increases the value of the house considerably.

Many residential areas have been constructed with modular home largely due to its environmental benefits. The earth friendly earth panels, bamboo floors and compressed straw panels are also cheaper when bought in bulk. This naturally increases the level of energy efficiency.

There are a number of websites available with great home design ideas and models for prefab apartment buildings. Get online and make your choice today!