Prebuilt & Modular Homes

Prebuilt homes, or modular homes as they are also called, are transportable, factory manufactured houses which can offer nice homes at a lower per foot cost versus regular construction.


Modular homes do not have any limits placed on their design options, unlike mobile homes which must be constructed according to the Federal HUD building code which sees the requirement to have mobile homes built on a non removable steel chassis.


Modular house plans really have no limitations placed on them with the result that your home is pre built in the factory in modules and then assembled on site with the use of a crane.


The opportunity to build these modules in the assembly line factory process leads to prebuilt homes being very cost efficient to build with no delays due to bad weather as you might experience with traditional stick build construction.


Prebuilt homes prices

Prebuilt home prices should cost you around $70-80 per square foot compared to around $100 per square foot for traditional house construction.


A prebuilt house will offer you the same options as a regular house in terms of finish and so on so that a customized, pre-built home will prove to be a great investment with the main work required from you to do with preparing the site by putting in foundations, services, levelling the land, landscaping and so on.

prebuilt-homes1See also prefab garages, prefab sheds and prefab steel buildings.

Prebuilt homes standards

Prebuilt homes or modular homes (and also called manufactured homes) must be built in compliance with the building code of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and pre built house owners enjoy the protection of federal imposed warranties and standards.


The national code for pre built homes is the National Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards which covers such areas as fire resistance, energy efficiency, strength and so on.


Each modular home built in the US will have a red and silver seal which demonstrates that the manufacturing process involved in that home meets the federal standards for the construction of pre built homes.


Heritage Homes of Nebraska are a leading manufacturer of prebuilt homes in the US and your custom building project will involve deciding on your budget, deciding generally  on the type of modular home you would like, finalizing the computer generated plans of your new home, drafting a full set of architectural plans, financing, construction of your modular home in the factory, site preparation, prebuilt home delivery and finally the installation with a crane of the various prebuilt sections of your new home.


Then the finishing trades, heating installation, electrics, yard, basement if you choose, garage, painting etc. will need to be carried out. Then a walk through with your prebuilt home manufacturer and a good snag list to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your new modular home.