Portable Modular Buildings-The Benefits

Casually known as temporary buildings, portable modular buildings are created with just one major feature in mind. And that is portability and convenience.

They are most often used temporarily and moved to another location if required. You may have come across them some time or the other, in real life or on the television. It’s those houses that are transported by huge lorries and taken off by cranes.

They go by a number of names such as demountable building, knock-down building, and portable buildings. Emergency relief operations, construction sites and temporary accommodations rely on porta-cabins considerably and other modular building solutions for space quickly.

Portable buildings were first developed in the United States in 1955. They were initially manufactured as a stand alone structure but advancement in design and technology enabled manufacturers to create multi-stacked buildings or side-by-side.

And the purposes to which portable or modular buildings were restricted only by the imagination of those needing some temporary space quickly, be that in a school, hospital or business environment.

Some could get complex enough to form huge office blocks. They are mainly used at construction sites where an office can be setup until the completion of work. These building systems can be of any size and are sturdy enough to withstand strong winds and other harsh climate.

Portable classrooms are actually quite popular in over populated areas where space is a key issue. They are specially designed with two classrooms and a bathroom. It is a temporary alternative until additional space is acquired e.g. new schools.

They can easily be removed and used in another area that requires it. Construction includes a series of portable classrooms linked together with a common hallway. If you still find it hard to believe that so many schools rely on portable modular buildings, then what do you have to say about the 300,000 temporary classrooms in use today? And that’s the United States alone.

On an average, most of them are used for 5-6 years. Of course with proper installation and maintenance, portable buildings modular structures could have a useful life of approximately 20 years.

All components are pre-fabricated at the factories and stacked in warehouses. Upon receiving the order, the material will arrive in no time at all. Customized solutions are also available for portable buildings which are accompanied with simple installations. Portability is the primary key in these building systems. They are transported on heavy duty loading ramps to ensure you receive it intact.

All portable modular buildings are attractively designed and will not rust, dent, chip or peel. They undergo a stringent manufacturing process that makes them strong enough to accommodate almost anything and can provide a great choice for domestic, medical, educational or commercial applications.

Modular garages are another common use for modular construction systems and can be a quick, convenient and cost effective way to provide some much needed space for your motor vehicle, be it car, rv or all terrain vehicle.