Pole Barn Kits-A Convenient Storage Solution

Discover how pole barn kits can provide a convenient solution for your storage problems-from storage of farm equipment, tractors, shelters for horses and other animals to storage for your extra stuff around your home for motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, gardening equipment etc.

Pole barns are ideal for horse barns and a barn kit can be assembled pretty easily. But there are a number of things you will need to consider such as planning-you will almost certainly need a permit-and preparing the ground which should be well drained and level.



A barn kit should include all of the necessary lumber, wood trusses, fasteners and metal or other siding. This diy job will need a little planning and preparation and it is important that your barn kit supplier can supply you with detailed designs, diy instructions and predesigned pieces.

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Other things you will need to consider include windows, doors and insulation as well as your roof and siding and that your building will be code compliant.


When shopping for your kit check out if the supplier will ship to you direct and that you are getting the most competitive price which will typically start at around $5,000 for a 24 x 32 x 10 which would include 1 single sliding door and 1 steel entry door.


This price would not include labour which should run you around $2,000 but you will still have a very good horse barn or multi-purpose storage area regardless of what you need the storage for.


One of the great advantages of barn kits is that there is no need to go to the expense of having plans drawn up or sourcing materials and organizing and coordinating the whole job together.


Check out the roofing and siding that will be supplied and whether there is a warranty or not (there should be) and whether the metal is coated and galvanized. Another point to check is whether concrete footers and the necessary fasteners are supplied.


Assembly of your barn should then only take a few days provided you have the ground prepared and your supplier supplies you with all necessary parts of your kit.


Storage barns are expensive to build from scratch and if you are looking for a garage or horse barn or a general storage area then a pole barn kit is well worth checking out.