Modular Log Homes Resources for Homeowners

A modular log home is essentially a home manufactured by logs but they are fabricated in a production facility and transported to the site after the job is done.

The single most benefit of going for modular log homes is the money you can save – usually around 30-45% compared to traditional homes.

There are assembly lines with sophisticated processing technology and the floor plans are executed before the parts are shipped to the site. Modular houses are usually much more durable than traditional homes with wind withstanding up to 130 miles/hour.

There are many resources that can help you with finding a good log home manufacturer.

Find PreFab

Find PreFab is an online directory that contains information about various prefabricated home manufacturers throughout America and this is the best place to start looking for information on manufacturers in your area.

The website tries their level best to list only quality manufacturers but it’s up to you to verify the information you find on the site.

You can find information on different type of logs used in the manufacturing procedure and the contact information of necessary services.

General Services Offered By Modular Log Home Manufacturers

Modular log home manufacturers offer a large range of services. A lot of them offer log home plans for free of cost and this is a great way to save some money on home plan blueprints and architects.

Similarly, the entire electrical and plumbing work should be done in the site to avoid excess labor and the associated stress during this works on site.

Since you can find quite a few manufacturers throughout the United States, it’s not difficult finding someone who suits your requirements.

A home is probably the biggest financial decision you’ve to make, so be sure to take your time to think and come up with the best decision.

It’s extremely important to check the history of the company before placing the order because some log home manufacturers are known for stretching their budgets once the job starts.

You need to get everything in written documents to avoid such hassles. Experience is also a very important factor as a home is a place where you have to spend a considerable part of your life, probably all of it, so you can’t afford to compromise with inferior results.

Some Of The Most Noted Modular Log Home Manufacturers Are:

  • Skyline Homes, founded in 1951 in Indiana has built over 870,000 homes throughout the United States and the number of recreational vehicles they sold is more than half of this figure! The organization’s experience of over half a century surely reflects in the quality of their work and home plans. Moreover, their service is available throughout the country and this comes handy too.
  • Southland Log Homes, founded in 1978 is one of the largest log home manufacturers in the United States and the company offers several types of building plans at enormously flexible budgets. The brand is also known for their lowest down payment requirements and a home design tool.
  • Blueridge Log Cabins is a young player in the market, but their experience primarily consists of building modular log homes as these contribute to the 90% sales for the brand. The brand is also known for offering energy efficient wood structures that are factory tested. They are also known for undertaking excellent plumping and GE works.

You can ask for a consultation session with these companies and be certain about your requirements, you can also ask for a quote.

It’s important to get a quote from as many manufacturers as you can so that a comparison study will be more effective.