Modular Log Homes

Modular log homes are a wonderful alternative when you are looking for a place to live.

When you buy a modular home, you get to make many of the choices. You decide the layout of your new house and the location.


People often consider buying a modular home because of the price. If you have chosen the location where you want to live, you have two choices. You can either hire a company to build your home, or you can choose a modular. Even a good builder can run into all kinds of issues during the construction phase. There may be problems with the weather, late contractors, etc. Any one of these elements can cause major delays and cost over-runs. (Check out small cabin plans and prefabricated garages also)

One of the reasons that many people decide to purchase a manufactured home is because of the way that they are built. Homes that are erected on site are completely exposed during the construction phase, whereas a prefab home is made in a climate-controlled  environment. Additionally, if you choose to buy a premade home, you will not have to worry about cost over-runs or construction delays.


Individuals who are not familiar with manufactured homes do not realize that most good organizations have countless floor plans to choose from. They offer everything from a simple one-bedroom  cabin to elaborate chalets. They have bungalows and two-story  chalets complete with decks.

You can select one of the pre-set plans that are offered, or you can work with the dealer and design your own custom home. Many premade builders are quite happy to make alterations and changes to their homes. They may even permit you to help create a completely unique plan.

When you are considering a prefab home, there are some factors which you will have to contemplate. Before you speak to various companies, you should have a list of your questions and concerns. One of the things to ask the company is about the price of transportation and any associated costs. You might also want to question the business about any arrangements that you will need to have in place prior to the home being delivered.


Blue Ridge Mountain Modular Homes and Pine Ridge Modular are two companies that are able to build spectacular modular log cabins. Their log cabins are available for sale right across the country.

Modular log homes are ideal for any person who wants to own a new house. They meet all the local building codes and standards. They are guaranteed, and best of all, you can have them placed anywhere you want.