Modular Garages-Metal Garage Buildings Advantages and Disadvantages

In comparison to conventional garages, modular garages are becoming far popular. They are the quickest and cost-effective way to get additional storage without having to waste much time and effort.

They generally consist of prefabricated parts that can be easily assembled with a modular garage kit. It is the ultimate way to protect and secure your sedan, tools and other belongings.

Modular garages are available with a variety of fittings such as Hywall Roof, Steeper pitch roof, Gambrel style roof and much more. For added ease and convenience, there is always an option to add a side-entry door.

Modular garages can be made of steel, wood or a combination of both; you may choose whatever specification desired. Though they all look appealing, steel garages gain extra points when it comes to portability.

They also add more warehouse footage for storing equipment and shipping items. The parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-welded which enables construction to be done in no time at all. What’s more is that they have a pre-colored PVC coated cladding that is relatively longer lasting.

The size of a garage could vary anywhere from a simple shed for one car to much bigger metal garage buildings that would accommodate ten cars or more. The cost of a modular garage could range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands, the choice is yours. Many companies offer personnel to help determine a steel garage that would suit your needs.

Benefits of Modular Garages

There are a number of benefits associated with  modular garages:

  • They are much more efficient that contemporary garages
  • They are assembled in a controlled environment which reduces the possibilities of unwanted exposure of the parts to the environment
  • Optimal control of air flow which results in lower heating and cooling bills
  • Completely customizable
  • Since its built with high standards in mind, they are extremely strong
  • Construction is much faster
  • They all come with a 5-10 year guarantee

With a great serving of lower costs and virtually no maintenance, its obvious why many people are turning to this kind of garages. We are talking about nearly 40% cheaper than regular wooden or concrete garages.

Feel free to understand how much they cost, how to judge the quality of steel available and create a checklist prior to setting up a garage. You will ultimately realize that modular garages fit your vehicles and family’s needs without having to suffer for the privileges. There are clearly many benefits to taking a look at prefab garages for your home and motor vehicle, not least the convenience and cost savings.