Low Clearance Garage Door Openers: Manufacturers You May Want To Consider

A garage is a convenient home for most vehicles, but you might always find exceptions to this rule as the maximum clearance for a garage completely depends on the height of the door and its ceiling.

Unfortunately in some cases garages ceilings are extremely low than which makes it difficult to install other model than low clearance garage door openers.

If you have a low headroom garage, it is for sure that you have been hearing the same old thing over and over – sorry no room for an opener, you cannot install this there, no clearance and more!

The good news today is that there are numerous brands that have sprung up bringing forward low clearance garage door openers that not only help you with your space, but is the most cost-effective strategy to an alternative.

Although you might find numerous manufacturers bringing you their own set of products some of the most common and popular low clearance garage door openers are:

  • Genie
  • Linear
  • Wayne-dalton
  • Universal
  • Sears
  • Chamberlain
  • Craftsman

The above are a few popular brands that make excellent quality low headroom gate opener, and as far as the best company is concerned, Genie, Chamberlain and Linear is always regarded higher than the rest.

Genie – Genie being the most trusted company in the United States is found in the year 1923 and used to make military products before entering into commercial market.

Today they are the top when it comes to developing high-power low clearance garage door openers and also continue making products for military usage.

Their extreme efficiency in producing industrial door openers has brought forward today brands like Screw Drive, Excelerator, Pro-Max and more.

Chamberlain – Chamberlain follows the competition and is a well-established German company that supplies one of the best door openers for commercial as well as residential purposes.

They produce highly powered gate openers and operators with its offices in countries like Slovak Republic, Singapore and Poland. Lift Master comes from the house of Chamberlain and is a very popular brand across the world with models like chain drive, screw drive and belt drive. They’re famous for their DIY kits.

Sears – Sears is yet another popular company and one of the leading suppliers of home electronic appliances and provides some of the best garage gate openers.

They have more than enough models under them for each purpose and finding a low clearance opener from here will not be a problem at all. You may also find numerous options in its size and sometimes you may even find customizable options.

Craftsman – They are well known for their storage just as well as home security accessories. They also produce good garage door openers and most of them are dedicated specifically for low clearance issues.

Apart from the above, you may also find numerous other manufacturers online from where you can source your gate openers.

Since the number of low headroom garages have been increasing lately, the demand for such openers have also increased making manufacturers come with innovative products that can help you out to save space, time and energy.

Taking a little time to do a little research on the Internet will give you more than enough information on the type of door opener to be selected and its specific benefits.

Ordering online is also another great idea as you may find numerous discount options as well as customer reviews that can help you with making your decision.

Remember to always visit forums and discussion boards to know more on the advantages of choosing such openers and how they might be a real help in critical situations.