Low Clearance Garage Door Openers

Garages are all different and some of them have been built with barely enough room to accommodate low clearance garage door openers.

This is especially true if you have an older garage. The recommended clearance for any garage door opener is about 12 inches or more. If you do not have this amount of clearance, you can still get a garage door opener, but you will have to get one that allows for a smaller clearance. Low clearance door openers are designed for just the situation.

Low headroom

If you are thinking about installing your own garage door opener you should measure exactly how much headroom you have in your garage. Headroom is the space between the garage door and ceiling. If you do realize that you have low headroom you will have to get a special kind of door opener that will accommodate this lack of space. You can use a low clearance garage door opener with almost any kind of garage door. It does not matter if the door is either wood or steel.Check out also Chamberlain garage door openers, Genie garage door openers, Lift master garage door openers and Wayne Dalton garage door openers.

If you are faced with a very small amount of space, you may even have to consider getting a special type of track. You can find a kit that is called a low clearance bracket kit or a low headroom kit. These kits have very special tracks that make it possible to install a garage door opener in extremely tight spaces.


Liftmaster offers one of the very best low clearance garage door openers. Their innovative Jackshaft model allows garage doors to be installed in buildings that have a very low clearance. The system can also be installed in other unconventional buildings. This unique design only needs about three inches of clearance space. The liftmaster system also has other special features, including: an emergency battery back-up, a power lock and laser beam safety system.

Genie also has a model that can be installed in buildings that have with a low clearance. They have a special model that has a flush mount design. This model is very fast, in fact, almost twice as fast other makes of door openers. It is also quiet and can operate in very cold weather without difficulty. This model is ideal for non commercial use and can lift virtually any size of residential garage door.

No matter how old your garage, or the type of door that you currently have, you should be able to find a door opener that will allow you to have a power garage door. Low clearance garage door openers are now available and will add beauty and security to your home.