Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log cabin floor plans are essential if you decide to invest some hard earned cash in building a log cabin home for yourself.

There is a wider range of floor plans to choose from and the principal considerations you will need to consider are


  1. Do you already own the land or will you have to buy some?
  2. The actual floor plans you need will be determined by how many stories, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need in your new log cabin home
  3. Planning permits required?
  4. Exterior finish
  5. Complexity of design
  6. Extras


One thing you need to be careful about is the planning regulations in your area and if building a log cabin type home will require a permit (almost certainly). (Check out affordable pole barn kits and how to build a storage shed also.)


A key factor in choosing floor plans also will be the size of your new home and whether you intend living in it on a permanent basis or you simply wish to use it as a holiday home and a place for weekend breaks with friends and family.


You will find some log cabin floor plans in the internet for download but you might also consider purchasing a book of plans from a book store or Amazon.com. Yet another source of cabin plans should be your local library where you can peruse what is available and take photocopies if necessary.


A good set of log home floor plans will allow you to build a custom home to take advantage of the great outdoors and will range in size from around 1,000 square feet right up to any size you wish in excess of 3,000 square feet.


Most log home suppliers will also provide you with ready made plans that they will have used before or they will work with you to build a custom home with the input of a designer or architect of your choice to make the necessary changes to the basic plan.


Studying fancy log home floor plans is one thing; financing your new build is another. Keep in mind that every extra square foot of cabin will cost you and the biggest determinant of the cost of your new home will be the number of bedrooms, living space, bathrooms and whether you choose a single story, 2 story or 1 ½ story building.


Other key factors in the ultimate cost of your new home will be the exterior finish you choose-choices range from French country to Western log and timber to Adirondack to Chalet to Appalachian- and whether your building design is relatively straightforward and rectangular/square or whether is has a lot of roof hips, valleys, dormer windows and so forth.


Your architect or designer should be with you every step of the way if you intend departing from a standard plan provided by a log cabin manufacturer because you would not see all the extra changes and details causing a spiral out of control of your budget.


Sticking to a good set of log cabin floor plans will help you curtail a runaway budget and leave you with a log cabin home to enjoy for many years to come.