Is A Modular Garage the Right Choice ? – Understand Modular Garages

If you thought that customers were reluctant to think beyond traditionally built homes, it may come as a surprise that they have already started to think about modular homes and modular garages today as they are easy to install in addition to offering excellent reliability.

A modular garage is usually manufactured by companies that have many years of experience in this profession. Their experience reflects in build quality, materials used, overall fit and finish and functionality.

These garages no longer remain as a cheap alternative to traditional garages but are highly considered for its amazing quality and excellent design options.

A modular garage is built in a factory with advanced tools and the high-pressure assembly systems ensure excellent durability on sides, joints and railings.

Most factories use a screw setup over nails and this also adds to the structural strength. Factory assembly also have another distinct advantage: your modular garage can be finished in a span of days instead of weeks or months taken by traditional contractors.

The components are already available and with the assembly unit of a factory, it takes very less time to install, do a quality check and finish work on a modular garage.

Typical Advantages of Modular Garages

  • Price is not the only advantage for using modular garages, but their installation on site can be done in less than an hour.
  • Since the plumbing and electrical work is done in the factory, lot of time can be saved on installation in addition to saving extra costs.
  • A modular garage can be relocated whenever you want and this is a divergent advantage that traditional garages can never offer. Nothing can beat the structural integrity of modular garages as they are factory built and a brick built garage don’t even come close.
  • Better air tightness and draughts mean maximum energy efficiency, something that will result as savings on your energy bills. Most modular/prebuilt garages are also thermally efficient than timber garages and their heat retaining capability gives them more reliability.
  • Most manufacturers use steel and other chemically processed manufacturing components that are resistant to mold and other organisms that pose serious threat to your garage.
  • The lowest amount of heat loss and brilliant mold resistance means lesser maintenance costs. Maintenance is a headache not only because of the cost but also due to issues associated with finding manpower.
  • If you want to add shelves, it can be done with self tapping wood screws and this saves you from drilling. Most parts of a modular garage don’t require painting jobs from time to time and this is a huge cost-saving feature.

Choosing a Modular Garage Manufacturer

Since many companies offer modular/prefab garages and homes locally, finding some service providers in your area is the first step. Instead of using price as the only option in deciding a garage builder, consider other factors such as their experience and customer reviews.

There are quite a few manufacturers who have several decades of experience in this profession and longer experience generally means better quality products for customers.

Many companies are initially very excited to get customers but the same enthusiasm is not maintained when they deal with them after the sale.

This, of course, is a bad thing but you can avoid such situations with caution. Customer reviews are great tool to check the credibility of a manufacturer. Always choose someone with experience and ask them to give some references.

Be clear on everything from the delivery date, transportation, warranty policy and future customer assistance, but don’t take their worlds on anything, get everything in written documents. As experience has shown us in many instances, nothing is a proof as long as it’s not in black and white!