How To Build a Storage Shed

Learning how to build a storage shed is a great skill to acquire to allow you to accommodate a lot of the stuff that builds up in your house over the years.

Extra storage space is a necessity if you have a growing family and you need to get stuff out of your attic or perhaps need space for old clothing or even to store your gardening tools or firewood for the winter.


Building a shed

The first step in building a storage shed for yourself might be to get yourself a set of shed plans. There are some free shed plans available on the internet or you can buy more elaborate plans but either way it can be a good starting point to have some kind of plan or sketch of what you are trying to achieve. See also storage shed design plans and prefab garages..


You can buy shed kits which are prefabricated in a factory and come with assembly instructions. These can be a good solution and can be assembled pretty easily as all of the pieces and panels will be identified in your assembly instructions and can be put together in a matter of hours.


The alternative is to build your shed from scratch by buying all of the lumber and hardware and so forth that you will need. You will need to be a pretty accomplished do it yourself person to do this but there are many free videos and articles on the internet which explain the process pretty well.


How To Build A Cheap Shed

If you are budget conscious and need to build a cheap shed you will need to shop around for the best deals in lumber you can get locally and build it yourself. Depending on the purpose of your shed you may be able to cut corners by opting for a lean to shed if you only need it for drying out firewood for the winter.

This type of shed will not require a fancy floor and ensuring that there is good ventilation for seasoning your timber will allow you to be less than stellar in your approach. You will not need windows or a concrete pad or base for this type of shed and you could conceivably make such a shed with old pallets lying around your property or some of your neighbors may have some at their place.

If you need something more elaborate for livestock or machinery or garden tools then you will have to get a good shed plan with step by step instructions and take a look at YouTube and you will pick up some good tips from other people who have built their own shed. The roof is one area you need to be careful about to ensure that your workshop or shed is watertight and the right slope on your roof ensures water run off and no ponding. Clearly the type of covering you put on your shed roof will be important in this regard also.


Another good place is which has a lot of information about various “how to” tasks together with videos.


Perhaps the cheapest way in the long run is to buy a decent book at the likes of Amazon because the few bucks it will cost you to get a good book with detailed instructions will save you a lot of money in the long run.