Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie garage door openers are among the very best in the world. Genie, the company that creates the Genie product line was founded in 1923 and since that time, they have provided the industry with a wide range of innovative and revolutionary products.

Troubleshooting garage door openers

Any person who has ever done a do-it yourself project knows that glitches happen, and there is nothing worse than having a problem and not being able to find a solution without having to call in a professional to finish the job. Genie offers comprehensive solutions for troubleshooting garage door openers. Not only do they have a well written and easy to understand manual that provides clear step by step, instructions, but they also have an online FAQ page, which will help you solve many of the problems that you might encounter.


If you are looking to find Genie garage door openers, you will not have to search very far. They are available at most large home stores and major retailers. They also can be found online. If you do not want to install the door yourself, the Genie website can provide you with an extensive list of installers all over the United States.

If you have decided to save a few dollars and install the garage door yourself, you can be comforted by the fact they have a detailed manual. It is written in easy to understand terms and provides a number of labelled diagrams, which will help you to understand every part of the installation procedure. Fortunately, the installation manual for Genie garage door openers is also available online if you lose or misplace the copy included with your garage door.

Genie garage door openers maintenance

Genie garage door openers maintenance is very simple. Once you have the product installed there is very little that you will ever have to do to keep your Genie operating smoothly. If you do have a problem, Genie offers both trouble shooting help and operating instructions online.

Genie garage door openers ratings

The Genie garage door openers ratings are extremely high. People who own a Genie have stated that it is one of the best products on the market. It is not only reliable; it is also one of the quietest door openers currently on the market. Most people who have done their own installations have stated that it was a simple job and one that they would tackle again. Additionally, Genie has received excellent reviews from a number of different consumer oriented magazines and websites.  Among the places that have given the Genie high ratings are Amazon, Consumersearch and

If a new garage door opener is in your future, be certain to have a look at the Genie for a reliable and safe product that will last for years.