Firewood Storage – Tips on How You Can Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

People living in hot climates may not understand why one should bother shopping for firewood storage racks, but if you are someone who lives in cold weather conditions you perfectly know how significant it is to have a reliable firewood storage stand.

When the winter season arrives each and every family loves to gather around the fireplace and this is where all the conversations and great family time happen.

The cozy and warmth associated with a fireplace gives a great explanation why people love cold climates regardless of its intolerable chills from time to time.

Nonetheless, a firewood storage rack is one of the most important accessories to store your woods safely, and will not be subjected to moisture, rot, decay, termites and other such destructive elements.

Moisture alone can have a diverse effect on woods and can change their nature dramatically, and what if it gets wet by the snow rain or floods? Drying the wood again may not be a good option and it may perhaps take a long time to get them able to work with anymore in your cold winters.

Tips On How To Store Firewood Safely:

  • It is extremely important that you choose to store your firewood outdoor and not in any enclosed area like your basement or garage. This way, the pest will not have a chance to destroy your wood.
  • Keep the firewood storage rack suspended from the ground at least 5 inches and keep it 20 feet away from your home. Termites and pests in this case will be prevented from moving into your home and the suspended position of the storage rack will keep the wood dry.
  • It’s a good idea if you buy your firewood during the warm months because warmer climate will keep the wood dry and make it much more efficient to burn during the winter.
  • Burn the wood in ‘oldest good first’ order, as this way you can keep it in the best rotation and ensure that your woods will be in the finest condition.

How to Choose a Firewood Storage Rack?

Firewood storage racks come in different shapes and styles, and thanks to designers today these racks come with amazingly beautiful materials and designs that can keep your woods safe under any condition.

However, here are some simple tips on how to choose a firewood storage rack:

Material – one of the most important elements when choosing a firewood storage rack is to choose the material with which it is built. Although, you might find a lot of materials available in them, choosing stainless steel is the best as it will not be subjected to any pest or termites.

Compartments – wood racks may come with compartments so that you can categorize your wood from old to new. This is good when it comes to keeping a good rotation of your woods while burning.

Closed or open – some storage racks come open while others have a sheet covering over it. This is totally up to you on how you want to keep your firewood storage concealed or open for view.

Different Types of Storage Racks Available In the Market:

Landman 8 foot firewood rack: made out of strong steel gives you maximum support and durability. It has a weatherproof powder coating that resists any kind of trust and is extremely easy to assemble.

Landman 8 feet heavy-duty rack: has a firewood protection which means that it is exposed to less moisture and rotting. The cover also resists any kind of wind, sun, rain or snow. It can fit logs up to 8 feet wide.

Panacea adjustable rack: is ideal for displaying, storing and drying firewood. It has a powdered coating that can withstand any kind of harmful elements. It also has an adjustable length and can be kept outdoor or indoor.

Panacea solid steel hoop: it is a 40 inch long hoop that is ideal for storing and displaying firewood. It has a protection layer coating that withstands any kind of harmful elements. Can be placed indoor or outdoor

The above few tips can surely help you on how to choose your firewood storage rack efficiently and store your firewood safely. Firewood should always be treated as a perishable item and taken extreme care in its storage and display.