Clopay Garage Doors

Clopay garage doors can make all the difference in the way your house is seen by people on the street. When you look at your house from the road, what is the first thing that you see?

Many new homes have the garage door right in front of the house. In past years, the garage was often in the back or at the side of the home and in some cases it was even in an alley. If you do have a home where the garage doors are right out front you should consider getting decorative garage doors from Clopay. Recent studies show that the garage door may represent up to 40% of a residence’s curb appeal.


Clopay offers garage doors in more than one thousand different makes and models. They are manufactured from wood, steel, glass, composite, and aluminum. Clopay overhead doors are available in almost every color and shade. One of the things that separates Clopay from many of their competitors is that many of the doors that they manufacture are ECO friendly. Additionally, they constantly strive to find new ways of manufacturing that will cut down on waste and packaging. See also wood garage doors and low clearance garage door openers.

Clopay garage doors online

If you are looking to find garage doors that are manufactured by Clopay, you can find a lot of information about Clopay garage doors online. In fact, the company itself has a very user-friendly and easy to navigate website. The site permits the viewer to see some of the many products that they have for sale. There is also an information section that explains exactly where you can purchase these doors. If you do have a problem with your overhead door you can find both Clopay garage door parts and help online.


Additionally, Clopay’s website has a unique and creative feature, which permits a person to see what their house would look like with different garage doors. You upload an image of your home to the site and then you can then begin experimenting to see which make and model would best suit your residence. They have a wonderful image gallery where you can get a real idea of how each door will look when it is installed.

One thing that many people do not realize is that a set of Clopay garage doors are a great home improvement. They will not only increase the energy efficiency of your home if you do have a heated garage, they will also add beauty and security to the residence.