Storage Shed Plans

Know How to Shop for the Best Storage Shed Plans Online

Storage shed plans come for free and can be found in almost every corner of the Internet. These plans allow you to build your storage barn, outdoor shed, additional storage area, home extension and more without going through the expenditure of having someone else build it for you.

You also do not have to pay for the extra cost that comes for the design as they are readily available on the Internet and charge you as a one-time fee.

However, before choosing storage shed plan you need to consider a few things, and ask yourself few questions, because most folks online make design plans with no woodworking skill whatsoever.

These people do not care how your storage shed goes, but just want to grab your money and move on to the next customer. In this hurry, if you choose a plan that lacks in its detail, chances are that months down the road when you realize, it’s too late!

Here Are Some Questions That You Need To Look Out For While Choosing Storage Shed Plans On The Internet:

  • Is the plan that you decide to settle on from a trusted Internet source?
  • Does the person who has designed the plan for you know enough about woodworking and have immense experience?
  • Are these plans put together by a builder or some random graphic artist who wants to make money?
  • Can you trust the source to provide you accurate plans that are functionally correct?

The Internet allows you access to thousands of these storage shed plans allowing you to build your own storage space for free without paying for any of these designs.

Finding accurate free designs on the Internet gives you more control over what you want to do with your additional space and worry less about the expenditure you have to into your on its labor.

This is a dream come true for someone who loves to create his own space or maybe someone who might be rolling on a strict budget.

The good news here, however, is that you have access to tons of information so it’s extremely important that you filter and get the best of them.

How To Identify A Good Storage Shed Design?

Storage shed kits are readily available and pretty easy to build with your basic carpentry tools and experience. As said earlier, the immense popularity of these designs and the excessive demand on the Internet has made artists to come up with random designs for the sake of robbing your pockets.

Hence, is extremely important that you filter all information that you get from the Internet and choose a design that can give you a foolproof design plan.

A good storage shed design will have these items included in them:

  • Tools needed to build the shed
  • The materials needed
  • Numerous design options
  • The size and type of material
  • All finishing details
  • The approximate cost to build your storage shed
  • The approximate time it will take to complete the installation procedure
  • Any suggestions on where to access your materials

It is extremely important that you look for all these above criteria in your storage installation kit, as these are the only ways that you can make sure that you are getting a genuine design plan.

Building a storage shed is extremely easy and can be done in a step-by-step process, provided that you get the correct design and instruction manual.

Having an additional storage area for yourself not only saves your home from mess but also gives you an additional room where you can dump whatever you want.

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How To Build a Storage Shed

Learning how to build a storage shed is a great skill to acquire to allow you to accommodate a lot of the stuff that builds up in your house over the years.

Extra storage space is a necessity if you have a growing family and you need to get stuff out of your attic or perhaps need space for old clothing or even to store your gardening tools or firewood for the winter.


Building a shed

The first step in building a storage shed for yourself might be to get yourself a set of shed plans. There are some free shed plans available on the internet or you can buy more elaborate plans but either way it can be a good starting point to have some kind of plan or sketch of what you are trying to achieve. See also storage shed design plans and prefab garages..


You can buy shed kits which are prefabricated in a factory and come with assembly instructions. These can be a good solution and can be assembled pretty easily as all of the pieces and panels will be identified in your assembly instructions and can be put together in a matter of hours.


The alternative is to build your shed from scratch by buying all of the lumber and hardware and so forth that you will need. You will need to be a pretty accomplished do it yourself person to do this but there are many free videos and articles on the internet which explain the process pretty well.


How To Build A Cheap Shed

If you are budget conscious and need to build a cheap shed you will need to shop around for the best deals in lumber you can get locally and build it yourself. Depending on the purpose of your shed you may be able to cut corners by opting for a lean to shed if you only need it for drying out firewood for the winter.

This type of shed will not require a fancy floor and ensuring that there is good ventilation for seasoning your timber will allow you to be less than stellar in your approach. You will not need windows or a concrete pad or base for this type of shed and you could conceivably make such a shed with old pallets lying around your property or some of your neighbors may have some at their place.

If you need something more elaborate for livestock or machinery or garden tools then you will have to get a good shed plan with step by step instructions and take a look at YouTube and you will pick up some good tips from other people who have built their own shed. The roof is one area you need to be careful about to ensure that your workshop or shed is watertight and the right slope on your roof ensures water run off and no ponding. Clearly the type of covering you put on your shed roof will be important in this regard also.


Another good place is which has a lot of information about various “how to” tasks together with videos.


Perhaps the cheapest way in the long run is to buy a decent book at the likes of Amazon because the few bucks it will cost you to get a good book with detailed instructions will save you a lot of money in the long run.

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Storage Shed Design Plans and Outdoor Storage Shed Plans

Having a storage shed design plan is the most important thing you need before beginning your project.

There are many designs of outdoor storage sheds to choose from and the plans will make life easier on you. Designs for wood storage sheds include everything from the traditional barn style to the gambrel shed, saltbox shed and the standard 10 x 12 shed to a lean to shed which might be sufficient for your needs and budget.


Firewood Storage Sheds

The simplest and cheapest designs are usally made for firewood storage sheds. You may choose to build one from scratch yourself, but you probably should get a good plan. It will probably save you a lot of headaches and money in the long run. You also need to be sure you have a good dry area where you plan to build and make sure to allow for proper ventilation so your wood can season properly. Check out storage shed kits also and prefab garages..

10 x 12 Shed plans

The most popular size shed plans are for 10 X 12 storage sheds. They’re the perfect size for most uses and allow for many options. You can choose what style of door, roof, windows and more. There are also a lot of accessories you may choose and depending on what you are storing you may wish to add security to your shed.


Wooden Storage Shed Plans

Going with a wooden storage shed is a good option because it allows you to customize the shed to fit your area and be able to paint it the color you want.

Appearance is very important if neighbors and other people will see it when walking past your house and many residential communities have rules and regulations as to what is acceptable and what is not.

In many cases, a saltbox shed is perfect for this use because it has a lot of curb appeal. One drawback to the wooden storage shed is that it will require maintenance from time to time.

If you’re not worried about looks and your shed will be in an area not seen by the public, you may not need something quite as fancy. If you want a shed that doesn’t require any maintenance or very little, a metal or vinyl shed might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Just be sure to give your plans some serious thought before jumping in and purchasing a storage shed plan. The pre-planning work you put in will definitely help you with the construction and ensure a shed you’ll be happy with over the years.

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