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Why Go For A Conventional Shed When You Have Amazing Prefab Shed Kits?

If you have been noticing the small extension behind every home you can be sure that it is a prefab shed.

A prefab or prefabricated shed is extremely useful and a simple form of getting your additional space behind your home for your extra stuff.

Prefab basically is the short form for prefabricated which means that all the materials and supplies needed to build the shed come manufactured, and all you need to do is to assemble them together.

Buying a modular shed kit allows you to get all the components of a shed readymade and there is very little building effort required on your part. Your task is to just install them together.

A prefabricated shed differs from other kind of sheds in that it comes to one’s home either assembled or as the kits. These sheds are not constructed from plans drawn up by a contractor or a homeowner, but there are manufacturers that offer ready to install styles and varieties in sheds.

What Are The Different Types of Prefab Shed Kits Available?

Prefabricated storage shed kits are available in a variety of material, size and style, of which metal, wood, plastic and vinyl are some of the most commonly used materials. You can choose the type of shed that you need depending on your budget and convenience. Here are some options for you to consider:

Wood Sheds: these sheds are among the most attractive ones in appearance. They are extremely durable and can withstand heavy loads such as snow and can also stay strong in any kind of strong wind. Wood sheds can also allow you to paint and alter to match your home.

Metal Sheds: if you are on a strict budget these are the right prebuilt sheds that you can choose as they are one among the most economical options. While choosing to buy metal sheds always ensure that it is rust resistant and carries a good warranty.

Vinyl Sheds: they require extreme low maintenance which might be a great attractive feature for busy homeowners. That’s not all, these kinds of sheds last for years and unlike wood or metal, they do not give in to rust or rot. If you’re looking for a safer option this is the right one.

Manufacturers You May Consider For Prefabricated Sheds:

Arrow: arrow storage products are a leading manufacturer, designer and distributor of storage unit kit forms.

Established in 1962 the arrow group has sold more than 12 million sheds to customers throughout the United States.

  • Duramax: is one of the highest and leading manufacturers of value priced prefab sheds in the market today. Their vinyl shed plans give you numerous advantages of PVC and is famous for its contemporary designs.
  • Rubbermaid: they produce some of the finest sheds for your storage and organizational needs. With more than 70 years, this brand represents high-quality products with extreme innovation that help simplify your storage requirements.
  • Handy Home Products: they provide series two of prefab storage kits – Marco and Premier. They have numerous styles available in prefab storage options with sizes that suit your preferences. Although the Marco series offers only two sizes, the premier series has four options.
  • Suncast: this manufacturer brings you a series of options that range from storage buildings, hybrid sheds, vertical sheds, horizontal sheds and accessories that can help your storage options to be as organized as possible.

Buying prefabricated shed kits can be much easier and less frustrating than to build a shed from scratch.

These prefabricated shed installation instructions are extremely easy and simple to follow, and all one needs to have are some basic carpentry tools.

By following the instructions that have been demonstrated on a prefab kit installing a shed can be done in a weekend.

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Firewood Storage – Tips on How You Can Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

People living in hot climates may not understand why one should bother shopping for firewood storage racks, but if you are someone who lives in cold weather conditions you perfectly know how significant it is to have a reliable firewood storage stand.

When the winter season arrives each and every family loves to gather around the fireplace and this is where all the conversations and great family time happen.

The cozy and warmth associated with a fireplace gives a great explanation why people love cold climates regardless of its intolerable chills from time to time.

Nonetheless, a firewood storage rack is one of the most important accessories to store your woods safely, and will not be subjected to moisture, rot, decay, termites and other such destructive elements.

Moisture alone can have a diverse effect on woods and can change their nature dramatically, and what if it gets wet by the snow rain or floods? Drying the wood again may not be a good option and it may perhaps take a long time to get them able to work with anymore in your cold winters.

Tips On How To Store Firewood Safely:

  • It is extremely important that you choose to store your firewood outdoor and not in any enclosed area like your basement or garage. This way, the pest will not have a chance to destroy your wood.
  • Keep the firewood storage rack suspended from the ground at least 5 inches and keep it 20 feet away from your home. Termites and pests in this case will be prevented from moving into your home and the suspended position of the storage rack will keep the wood dry.
  • It’s a good idea if you buy your firewood during the warm months because warmer climate will keep the wood dry and make it much more efficient to burn during the winter.
  • Burn the wood in ‘oldest good first’ order, as this way you can keep it in the best rotation and ensure that your woods will be in the finest condition.

How to Choose a Firewood Storage Rack?

Firewood storage racks come in different shapes and styles, and thanks to designers today these racks come with amazingly beautiful materials and designs that can keep your woods safe under any condition.

However, here are some simple tips on how to choose a firewood storage rack:

Material – one of the most important elements when choosing a firewood storage rack is to choose the material with which it is built. Although, you might find a lot of materials available in them, choosing stainless steel is the best as it will not be subjected to any pest or termites.

Compartments – wood racks may come with compartments so that you can categorize your wood from old to new. This is good when it comes to keeping a good rotation of your woods while burning.

Closed or open – some storage racks come open while others have a sheet covering over it. This is totally up to you on how you want to keep your firewood storage concealed or open for view.

Different Types of Storage Racks Available In the Market:

Landman 8 foot firewood rack: made out of strong steel gives you maximum support and durability. It has a weatherproof powder coating that resists any kind of trust and is extremely easy to assemble.

Landman 8 feet heavy-duty rack: has a firewood protection which means that it is exposed to less moisture and rotting. The cover also resists any kind of wind, sun, rain or snow. It can fit logs up to 8 feet wide.

Panacea adjustable rack: is ideal for displaying, storing and drying firewood. It has a powdered coating that can withstand any kind of harmful elements. It also has an adjustable length and can be kept outdoor or indoor.

Panacea solid steel hoop: it is a 40 inch long hoop that is ideal for storing and displaying firewood. It has a protection layer coating that withstands any kind of harmful elements. Can be placed indoor or outdoor

The above few tips can surely help you on how to choose your firewood storage rack efficiently and store your firewood safely. Firewood should always be treated as a perishable item and taken extreme care in its storage and display.

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Storage Shed Kits-Storage Shed Kit Considerations

If you’re looking to build a storage shed, storage shed kits are a great option, especially if you’re not the best handyman or don’t have a lot of time on your hands.

There are many selections available, including metal, wood and vinyl.

Wood Shed Kits

Options for wood shed kits include cedar, pine, hemlock and spruce. A wood shed will require some painting and treatment for termite infestation every year for best results.


Metal Shed Kits

Aluminum and steel are the only choices when you opt for a metal shed kit and leading manufacturers include Arrow sheds. One of the more popular companies is Arrow. All of their sheds are made from metal. They’re easy to erect and usually only take a few hours. If you’re not that familiar with construction, it may take you up to a full day to assemble your shed.(Check out horse barn plans)

The great benefit of metal sheds is the sturdy nature of them and the low maintenance required together with ease of assembly.

Plastic/Vinyl Shed Kits

As the name implies, for these shed kits your choices are either vinyl or plastic and leading suppliers include Rubbermaid, Suncast and Keter.


Convenience is the name of the game when deciding to choose a shed kit. They are delivered to you ready to erect with all of the parts and instructions for quick and simple construction. All you’ll need are common household tools to put them together, like a hammer, drill and screwdrivers. It’s always a best practice to get somebody to lend a hand while assembling the shed and to put it in a good, solid location so it has a strong foundation.

Foundations can be made in several ways. If you’re looking for a simple base, you may choose to just lay down some gravel. If you want a more permanent and sturdy foundation, you should go with concrete and use rebar when you really want it to last.

Either way, be sure to lay down a good, sturdy membrane before putting in the base so your foundation will be waterproof.

Leading Shed Kit Suppliers

There are many well known names in the industry that supply shed kits. They include Murryhill, Duramax, Glenwood and Arrow. After delivery of your shed kit, be sure to doublecheck that all the necessary parts and instructions are there before you beging construction. Once your shed is finished, check the manufacturer’s recommendations for protecting and cleaning your shed to ensure a long life.

Shed kits are a great way to go if you don’t plan on designing and constructing one on your own. They’re also save you money as opposed to purchasing a shed already put together.


When looking at storage shed kits your main consideration will be the ease of assembly and the time saved in assembling a prefabricated shed kit with easy to follow instructions. Also critical will be your do it yourself and woodworking skills-if you are challenged in this area a kit might be a good choice.

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