Prefab Wood Buildings

Wood Buildings Have Now Become Extremely Affordable – Know How!

Although, wood might be considered as one of the oldest building products, but when it comes to flexibility in its design, its application can be far from old-fashioned.

The fact that wood buildings bring in sustainable attributes like the prominence of a good interior air quality, renewability and energy efficiency makes architect build fresh new innovative designs.

The capability of wood buildings to bring innovation in long span bridges, huge building constructions with strength and integrity and is lighter weight when compared to concrete makes it an ideal choice for any experimental product.

It does not matter whether you are considering an extra storage space, an additional garage, a weekend getaway cottage, a hunting cabin or your primary home, wood buildings have always been and are still considered to be one of the most preferred options for construction organizations.

Its unlimited advantages have made many manufacturers spring up with new concepts and designs in home improvement.

Benefits of Wooden Buildings:

Cost-effective – wooden buildings are still one of the most appreciated and commonly found homes for a number of reason but most importantly its cost-effectiveness.

The biggest advantage of wooden buildings or wooden homes is that it can be easily modified and adjusted to changes even when the construction is going on. Wood framing, moreover, is one of the most inexpensive ways to build your dream home. Making changes on a concrete home can not only be extremely difficult but can make the process extremely expensive.

Durability – Wooden cabins have always stood the test of time for centuries and is one of the most reliable options when you have a construction in mind.

As a home settle and move, wooden framing fine-tune and maintain the home’s structural capacity. In case if you have cracks in your wood, framing it can be strengthened or replaced at a very small charge.

Thermal security – with proper materials and procedure followed while installing wooden frame houses, it offers a minimum of R -19 insulation on the outside walls making them quite efficient when it comes to thermal protection.

Also, numerous manufacturers are coming up with advanced thermal protection options in wooden homes which may vary in price as well as in performance.

How Do I Maintain Wooden Buildings?

Restoration and maintenance process consist of two basic elements:

Surface preparation – take a close look on your wooden building and if you find that there are any old finishes which is cracking or peeling or any type of coating on wood, it only indicates to one simple solution – stripping.

While stripping make sure that the stripper you use is designed to remove the old finish on your wood as most of them work well on oil based paints. A log home usually collects a lot of dust and dirt which can be easily rinsed away.

Preserving – if you find visible signs of rot it needs to be addressed right away. These rots may appear on the inside and will not be visible from outside so you can only detect them by tapping on the wood logs.

The best preservation tactics for log homes are borates as they are less toxic and don’t change color of the wood. Wood needs to be treated every five years especially when it comes in contact with the ground, so it’s extremely important that you pay close attention.

Prefabricated Wood Homes Vs Traditional Wooden Homes

Prefabricated wooden homes have become extremely popular today as they are less messy and extremely cost-effective when compared to building a traditional home from scratch.

Here are some points to consider when comparing prefabricated wooden homes to traditional wooden homes:

  • Prefab Wood buildings are more cost-effective when compared to building a traditional home.
  • You may get more options in designs and sizes when opting for prefab wood buildings, but you may have to hire a contractor to design a project when considering traditional homes.
  • Prefab construction finishes in almost a day, while the other takes almost half a year.
  • Customizable option for building a traditional home is more when compared to prefab wooden buildings.

If you thought wood buildings have become extremely expensive to afford today, think again because the market today offers numerous options for almost any kind of budget and the designs that come in them are extremely cost-effective. A little research will surely help you find your dream home.

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Blue Ridge Log Cabins

There can be no denying the appeal of Blue Ridge Log Cabins.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a part of the Appalachian Mountain range. One of the most beautiful areas in the United States, the range extends from Pennsylvania all the way to Georgia.


These cabins are no longer the one room, run down shacks of the past. Many of the cabins that are for sale or for rent are modern wonders. They feature everything from hot tubs to high-speed Internet connections. Additionally, these luxury facilities also offer a variety of different services. Although, most have fully equipped kitchens, you may want to eat a meal out. Fortunately,  nearly all these places have on-site  restaurants, which will give you a chance to take a break from the kitchen. (Check out modular log homes and modular home prices)

If you are looking for a place to rent, you might want to go online and read about the many different companies that have chalets available. These cabins are a great way to get back to nature without having to sacrifice any of the modern luxury conveniences that you want to enjoy while you are on holiday. They are also the perfect place to go if you are planning to take the entire family on vacation. Cabins frequently have room for up to ten people, and many of these facilities are happy to accommodate family pets.


Modular homes

If you are looking for something more permanent there are countless places for sale in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can find everything from modular homes to cabins that have been around for decades. It does not matter if you want to get a property in GA or in NC, you can find one that will fit your budget.  Do hesitate to make an offer on one of these properties. Most companies are more than willing to hear and consider any reasonable offer.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway ensures that you can get in and out of the area easily. This parkway runs for over four hundred miles and provides some of the most majestic views in the country. Do not worry that you will be isolated on a mountain. There are countless cities all along the highway and plenty of small communities which are perfect for family living.


Blue Ridge Log Cabins have something to offer everyone. They are perfect for either a short holiday or as a permanent home. They are ideal for those that want to live in the country and still have all the conveniences of city living.

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Modular Log Homes

Modular log homes are a wonderful alternative when you are looking for a place to live.

When you buy a modular home, you get to make many of the choices. You decide the layout of your new house and the location.


People often consider buying a modular home because of the price. If you have chosen the location where you want to live, you have two choices. You can either hire a company to build your home, or you can choose a modular. Even a good builder can run into all kinds of issues during the construction phase. There may be problems with the weather, late contractors, etc. Any one of these elements can cause major delays and cost over-runs. (Check out small cabin plans and prefabricated garages also)

One of the reasons that many people decide to purchase a manufactured home is because of the way that they are built. Homes that are erected on site are completely exposed during the construction phase, whereas a prefab home is made in a climate-controlled  environment. Additionally, if you choose to buy a premade home, you will not have to worry about cost over-runs or construction delays.


Individuals who are not familiar with manufactured homes do not realize that most good organizations have countless floor plans to choose from. They offer everything from a simple one-bedroom  cabin to elaborate chalets. They have bungalows and two-story  chalets complete with decks.

You can select one of the pre-set plans that are offered, or you can work with the dealer and design your own custom home. Many premade builders are quite happy to make alterations and changes to their homes. They may even permit you to help create a completely unique plan.

When you are considering a prefab home, there are some factors which you will have to contemplate. Before you speak to various companies, you should have a list of your questions and concerns. One of the things to ask the company is about the price of transportation and any associated costs. You might also want to question the business about any arrangements that you will need to have in place prior to the home being delivered.


Blue Ridge Mountain Modular Homes and Pine Ridge Modular are two companies that are able to build spectacular modular log cabins. Their log cabins are available for sale right across the country.

Modular log homes are ideal for any person who wants to own a new house. They meet all the local building codes and standards. They are guaranteed, and best of all, you can have them placed anywhere you want.

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Prefab Kit Homes | Green Prefab Homes

Around the world, prefab kit homes have taken the construction industry by storm. With a large number of prefab dwellings sprouting up, there is no more economical way to get it assembled than by getting together family and friends.

The number of modular homes has skyrocketed in the last decade due to a number of reasons:

  • Lack of builders
  • Easier to get work done yourself
  • Huge savings
  • Structure is prone to harsh weather, termites, mice and other rodents
  • Lower carbon footprint


Green Prefab Homes

Green prefab homes are a safe and secure alternative to concrete buildings. It’s easy to customize, green and modern. The modern aesthetics, excellent use of space and powerful building technology allows them to withstand most harsh environments.

Modern prefab homes are no way similar to the modular homes of the past. Today, designer models are available that are pre-packed and numbered for easy erection. Construction of prefabricated homes takes a relatively shorter time than conventional buildings since all building components get delivered at the same time.

All prefab kit homes arrive on site fully plumbed and wired. They are manufactured with complete kitchens, power points, bathrooms, living rooms and switches in place. This truly redefines plug-in-play. Technology has contributed greatly to modular housing that there are even ‘origami’ green prefab homes that literally fold onto a truck to be delivered anywhere.

Many homes today are manufactured with cedar that is aromatic to people. Other than that, it acts as an insect repellant as well. The organic compound (Thujaplicins) releases a fresh, pleasant cedar aroma. What proves an attraction to you would be a distraction to the insects. They would easily leave your house alone and look for cozy pine structures instead.

If you are looking for a holiday home, then a cabin kit could work equally well for you. These houses consist of pre-built “Panelized” Home and Cabin Shell Packages. The polished hardwood floors, spacious rooms, picture windows, septic tanks and garage make it a home away from home. They are a strikingly individualistic housing option.

Architects are interested in the latest technology in modular single and double-wide houses. Prefab kit homes have shown a way to a much needed reform that is the true nature of modern architecture. Combine textured accessories, vintage finds and modern pieces to modular buildings to create a one-in-a-million effect. This is an investment you can be assured of.

Prefab commercial buildings are also well worth checking out.

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Prefab Wood Buildings-Wood Prefab Buildings Grow in Popularity

Prefab wood buildings are prefabricated and fast-to-erect wooden quality buildings for a variety of needs worldwide. ‘Prefab’ is a trend that is catching on with homes, villas and public buildings all being prefabricated off site in a factory and then transported to site for erection.

You are bound to come across prefab buildings some time or the other. They could have both personal and commercial uses.

Prefabricated Buildings


The 1950’s and 60’s first witnessed the growth in popularity of prefabricated buildings which was mainly directed to meet educational needs. The United States also used these types of modular structures as accommodation for troops during the war.

Earlier, prefabricated constructions were manufactured to last nearly 5-10 years, however some of them have lasted plenty of years after that. Today, the stringent manufacturing process ensures that these buildings for a lifetime.

There are a rising number of architects who have been actively involved in incorporating modern designs into prefab houses. These houses are now greener and cheaper. Check out prefab apartment buildings.


With great possibilities for easier customization and a smaller carbon footprint, it has favored the world for its green credentials and three day build time. Prefab wood buildings could also have a multi-level design that is put in place using a crane. It is capable of withstanding nearly 20 floors and above.

Prefab buildings can be long-term temporary or permanent facilities. Based on the requirements you have a range of purposes for prefab buildings:

  • Schools or classrooms
  • Storage buildings
  • Construction camps
  • Military housing
  • Industrial facilities
  • Religious institutions e.g. Churches
  • Offices
  • Fast food outlets


Each type of construction is not complete without a list of advantages:

1. Faster setup – With everything factory-made, construction of prefab wood buildings is 50% faster than traditional concrete buildings.

2. Eco-friendly – Products used in prefabricated supplies are environmentally friendly. Construction produces a lower amount of waste material and lower noise levels.

3. Portability – There is a possibility of transporting the entire house from one area to the other

4. Economical – Expect better deals from large scale manufacturers because of economies of scale and the reproduction of buildings from already tried and tested drawings and plans

5. Worry free – All prefabricated buildings can be assembled indoors which mean no worries of theft or elements of nature damaging products lying outside.

With lower costs and flexibility of design at your disposal, it’s no surprise that prefab wood buildings are the most popular choice for many home owners worldwide.

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