Wood Buildings Have Now Become Extremely Affordable – Know How!

Although, wood might be considered as one of the oldest building products, but when it comes to flexibility in its design, its application can be far from old-fashioned. The fact that wood buildings bring in sustainable attributes like the prominence of a good interior air quality, renewability and energy efficiency makes architect build fresh new … Read moreWood Buildings Have Now Become Extremely Affordable – Know How!

Kit Homes | Green Prefab Homes

Around the world, prefab kit homes have taken the construction industry by storm. With a large number of prefab dwellings sprouting up, there is no more economical way to get it assembled than by getting together family and friends. The number of modular homes has skyrocketed in the last decade due to a number of … Read moreKit Homes | Green Prefab Homes

Wood Prefab Buildings Grow in Popularity

Prefab wood buildings are prefabricated and fast-to-erect wooden quality buildings for a variety of needs worldwide. ‘Prefab’ is a trend that is catching on with homes, villas and public buildings all being prefabricated off site in a factory and then transported to site for erection. You are bound to come across prefab buildings some time … Read moreWood Prefab Buildings Grow in Popularity