Prefab Kit Homes

Prefab Log Homes – Reasons Why Kits Are More Preferred Than Conventional Methods

If you have been presently considering of getting yourself a prefabricated log home then you would be surprised that it is one of the most cost effective and simplest means to achieve your desire.

However, there seems to be a common misconception among the society about prefabricated log homes as well as the DIY kits available.

Often we get to hear people talking about some sort of factory cutting out identical designs, producing structural accidents out of molds or some kind of cloning series.

This simply isn’t the case to say the least, but there are numerous designs out there for you to choose from and build your own modular home.

The best part about choosing among prefabricated log home kits is that they have ample space for any kind of alteration and design, facility and other options to be made, so you just do not have to deal with identical structures.

While talking about ‘kit’ people generally misunderstand and underestimate it with uniformity, but this is not true – at least not in its floor plans, design or specifications.

When Does Uniformity Come Into Place While Talking About ‘Kits’?

When people say that prefabricated kits are all about uniform or identical structures you just do not have to believe them because they are not identical at all.

Different browsers have different design specifications and have enough options for you to alter according to your design preferences. The only phase where uniformity plays its role is in the procedure of construction followed.

All prefab log homes or storage cabins are prebuilt in a factory environment and moves to a construction site to be assembled together. This facility has been provided for ease of construction and also to reduce the timeline which in conventional construction sites prolong for no reason.

Basically, when you receive a prefabricated home kit you are accessing a complete package to all the parts that you need to build your dream home.

This includes – the logs, flooring, Windows, doors, additional fittings, cabinets, textures and more. You will also be entitled to a complete illustrated manual that will help you to construct your home perfectly without the help of anyone.

Hassles of Building a Log Cabin from Scratch and Not Depending On a Kit:

The first and foremost thing that you need to deal with while constructing a log cabin from scratch is the numerous amounts of logs that need to be shaped and installed on-site. This not only takes up a lot of time, but excessive amount of labor and their charges included.

The simple procedure of laying down the first set of wood, cutting them into the preferred shape, and laying down to form a construction with repeated procedure will take up too many months to complete.

However, if you rely on a kit, all of this work has already been completed and the materials arrive to you with just the installation process. All you need to do is to lay down the precut logs as marked and this would pretty much do the job of building a home in no time at all.

Basically, what would have taken years to accomplish can now be done with just a matter of weeks. This is what is so appealing when it comes to choosing prefabricated kits and making them a part of your construction process.

It is highly recommended that you take some time and research online on the numerous amount of prefab kits available and manufacturers that make them. It is extremely important that you choose a good manufacturer because this way you can not only ensure a faster construction but also higher quality inefficiency.

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Prebuilt Homes – A Complete Overview on What to Expect

If you are all set to build a new home but is dreading the stress and hassle of constructing and planning, then the right option you could go for is prebuilt homes.

Prebuilt homes today have become exceptionally popular as they have unlimited benefits and is simply a better choice for anyone who wants a faster, better, cleaner and smarter option.

What You Mean By Prebuilt Homes?

Prefabricated homes or modular homes are built in sections in a complete factory controlled environment.

Every building process is done indoor which means it is never subjected to any harsh weather conditions and is made completely with the company’s quality control department’s overview in each and every step.

Once these sections are built the modules are covered perfectly for protection and transported to your construction site and assembled to make a single construction. This construction can either be done by you or by your local builder.

How Long Can I Expect Prebuilt Homes To Be Completed?

The construction process of a prebuilt home totally depends upon your manufacturer as well as the design, but generally a prebuilt home can take as little as 1 week to be completed in the factory.

Moreover, all the components of the home are built indoors so you can never expect a weather delay. Once all the components are transported to your construction site it usually takes another two weeks for your local builder to complete the construction.

What Are The Benefits Of A Prebuilt Home When Compared To Traditional Homes?

  • Since it is completely made in a factory controlled environment, highest quality is ensured of workmanship.
  • You cannot expect any kind of weather delays, so it builds right on schedule.
  • Nothing can be expected beyond the builders control as every component of the construction has been preplanned.
  • Inspection can be made of each and every detail in the building process.
  • Guaranteed completion dates.
  • Perfection is guaranteed in each and every aspect of the building process.
  • Have numerous finance options available.
  • Can be customized during the building stage.
  • Numerous contemporary designs and innovative aspects offered by manufacturers.
  • Minimal wastage of material and also allows recycling.

Do All Prebuilt Home Look Alike?

Not at all, different manufacturers offer amazing varieties in its design and sizes, so you can choose the design you want with customized options.

Manufacturers today use computer-aided design programs to draw construction plans according to your needs and specification. Hence, almost any kind of home plan can be turned into a prefabricated home.

However, it is extremely important that you choose to ask questions about flexibility to your manufacturer and review your drawings before the building process starts.

How Can I Finance A Prebuilt Home?

Numerous finance options are available as most insurance companies, banks and appraises are ready to finance modular homes just the way they do for conventionally built homes.

You can inquire in your bank or mortgage brokers on different finance options on prebuilt homes.

Are Prebuilt Homes More Cost Effective When Compared To Traditional Building Process?

One of the major reasons why people today choose to go for readymade homes is because they are more cost-effective when compared to conventional homes. Moreover, you can not only save money on construction, but most modular homes today are highly energy efficient which reduces your cooling and heating expense.

You can also choose different materials on your home to ensure less expense on the total construction.

It is highly recommended that you start the process of your home construction with choosing to buy the land first.

This way you can know how big you want your home to be, the facilities that should be included and the type of home that fits the neighborhood.

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Modular Log Homes Resources for Homeowners

A modular log home is essentially a home manufactured by logs but they are fabricated in a production facility and transported to the site after the job is done.

The single most benefit of going for modular log homes is the money you can save – usually around 30-45% compared to traditional homes.

There are assembly lines with sophisticated processing technology and the floor plans are executed before the parts are shipped to the site. Modular houses are usually much more durable than traditional homes with wind withstanding up to 130 miles/hour.

There are many resources that can help you with finding a good log home manufacturer.

Find PreFab

Find PreFab is an online directory that contains information about various prefabricated home manufacturers throughout America and this is the best place to start looking for information on manufacturers in your area.

The website tries their level best to list only quality manufacturers but it’s up to you to verify the information you find on the site.

You can find information on different type of logs used in the manufacturing procedure and the contact information of necessary services.

General Services Offered By Modular Log Home Manufacturers

Modular log home manufacturers offer a large range of services. A lot of them offer log home plans for free of cost and this is a great way to save some money on home plan blueprints and architects.

Similarly, the entire electrical and plumbing work should be done in the site to avoid excess labor and the associated stress during this works on site.

Since you can find quite a few manufacturers throughout the United States, it’s not difficult finding someone who suits your requirements.

A home is probably the biggest financial decision you’ve to make, so be sure to take your time to think and come up with the best decision.

It’s extremely important to check the history of the company before placing the order because some log home manufacturers are known for stretching their budgets once the job starts.

You need to get everything in written documents to avoid such hassles. Experience is also a very important factor as a home is a place where you have to spend a considerable part of your life, probably all of it, so you can’t afford to compromise with inferior results.

Some Of The Most Noted Modular Log Home Manufacturers Are:

  • Skyline Homes, founded in 1951 in Indiana has built over 870,000 homes throughout the United States and the number of recreational vehicles they sold is more than half of this figure! The organization’s experience of over half a century surely reflects in the quality of their work and home plans. Moreover, their service is available throughout the country and this comes handy too.
  • Southland Log Homes, founded in 1978 is one of the largest log home manufacturers in the United States and the company offers several types of building plans at enormously flexible budgets. The brand is also known for their lowest down payment requirements and a home design tool.
  • Blueridge Log Cabins is a young player in the market, but their experience primarily consists of building modular log homes as these contribute to the 90% sales for the brand. The brand is also known for offering energy efficient wood structures that are factory tested. They are also known for undertaking excellent plumping and GE works.

You can ask for a consultation session with these companies and be certain about your requirements, you can also ask for a quote.

It’s important to get a quote from as many manufacturers as you can so that a comparison study will be more effective.

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Blue Ridge Log Cabins

There can be no denying the appeal of Blue Ridge Log Cabins.

The Blue Ridge Mountains are a part of the Appalachian Mountain range. One of the most beautiful areas in the United States, the range extends from Pennsylvania all the way to Georgia.


These cabins are no longer the one room, run down shacks of the past. Many of the cabins that are for sale or for rent are modern wonders. They feature everything from hot tubs to high-speed Internet connections. Additionally, these luxury facilities also offer a variety of different services. Although, most have fully equipped kitchens, you may want to eat a meal out. Fortunately,  nearly all these places have on-site  restaurants, which will give you a chance to take a break from the kitchen. (Check out modular log homes and modular home prices)

If you are looking for a place to rent, you might want to go online and read about the many different companies that have chalets available. These cabins are a great way to get back to nature without having to sacrifice any of the modern luxury conveniences that you want to enjoy while you are on holiday. They are also the perfect place to go if you are planning to take the entire family on vacation. Cabins frequently have room for up to ten people, and many of these facilities are happy to accommodate family pets.


Modular homes

If you are looking for something more permanent there are countless places for sale in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can find everything from modular homes to cabins that have been around for decades. It does not matter if you want to get a property in GA or in NC, you can find one that will fit your budget.  Do hesitate to make an offer on one of these properties. Most companies are more than willing to hear and consider any reasonable offer.

The Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway ensures that you can get in and out of the area easily. This parkway runs for over four hundred miles and provides some of the most majestic views in the country. Do not worry that you will be isolated on a mountain. There are countless cities all along the highway and plenty of small communities which are perfect for family living.


Blue Ridge Log Cabins have something to offer everyone. They are perfect for either a short holiday or as a permanent home. They are ideal for those that want to live in the country and still have all the conveniences of city living.

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Modular Home Prices

Modular home prices are perhaps the single most attractive thing about these homes.

Many people want to buy a new home, but they want to choose the site. They do not want to purchase a pre-built home on a selected lot. Although people want these choices, they do not want to go through the hassle of hiring a builder and dealing with the headaches that go along with building a new home.


New homes that are built in the traditional way are subject to weather and constant construction delays. These delays often result in cost overruns. On the other hand, modular homes have a set price. A good builder will be able to tell you the exact cost of the home that you have selected. (Check out modular garages and modular log homes also)

Another attraction of the modular home is the fact that they are manufactured in a climate-controlled  factory.  A log cabin that is built on location is subject to the elements. Wood, concrete and other materials can be damaged by the rain and snow. Extreme heat and cold can also cause damage to building materials. Mobile builders finish almost the entire building in the factory before they transport it to your chosen location. The on-site building is kept to an absolute minimum.


The cost of delivery should be on your list of things to discuss with the builder. The fact that these homes are portable is part of their appeal. You get to select the location of your new home. However, where you want to place the modular home is going make a difference in the final bill. Pre-made home builders will often guarantee the date of delivery, provided that you have made all the necessary arrangements beforehand. You should talk to the company about any preparations that you may be expected to make.

If you have not had the pleasure of seeing any modular home designs, you are in for a pleasant surprise. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can select any plan that appeals to you, or if you prefer, you can talk to the company and ask about a custom design. Countless modular home producers are more than willing to assist you with a custom model.

The warranty on these homes is something that appeals to many buyers. A dealer can often warranty the complete home for a number of years and offer longer guarantees regarding the structure for at least ten years.


Modular home prices are attractive to many people. As a buyer you get a brand-new home, at a set price, in the location of your choice. A home owner’s dream come true.

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Prefab Kit Homes | Green Prefab Homes

Around the world, prefab kit homes have taken the construction industry by storm. With a large number of prefab dwellings sprouting up, there is no more economical way to get it assembled than by getting together family and friends.

The number of modular homes has skyrocketed in the last decade due to a number of reasons:

  • Lack of builders
  • Easier to get work done yourself
  • Huge savings
  • Structure is prone to harsh weather, termites, mice and other rodents
  • Lower carbon footprint


Green Prefab Homes

Green prefab homes are a safe and secure alternative to concrete buildings. It’s easy to customize, green and modern. The modern aesthetics, excellent use of space and powerful building technology allows them to withstand most harsh environments.

Modern prefab homes are no way similar to the modular homes of the past. Today, designer models are available that are pre-packed and numbered for easy erection. Construction of prefabricated homes takes a relatively shorter time than conventional buildings since all building components get delivered at the same time.

All prefab kit homes arrive on site fully plumbed and wired. They are manufactured with complete kitchens, power points, bathrooms, living rooms and switches in place. This truly redefines plug-in-play. Technology has contributed greatly to modular housing that there are even ‘origami’ green prefab homes that literally fold onto a truck to be delivered anywhere.

Many homes today are manufactured with cedar that is aromatic to people. Other than that, it acts as an insect repellant as well. The organic compound (Thujaplicins) releases a fresh, pleasant cedar aroma. What proves an attraction to you would be a distraction to the insects. They would easily leave your house alone and look for cozy pine structures instead.

If you are looking for a holiday home, then a cabin kit could work equally well for you. These houses consist of pre-built “Panelized” Home and Cabin Shell Packages. The polished hardwood floors, spacious rooms, picture windows, septic tanks and garage make it a home away from home. They are a strikingly individualistic housing option.

Architects are interested in the latest technology in modular single and double-wide houses. Prefab kit homes have shown a way to a much needed reform that is the true nature of modern architecture. Combine textured accessories, vintage finds and modern pieces to modular buildings to create a one-in-a-million effect. This is an investment you can be assured of.

Prefab commercial buildings are also well worth checking out.

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