Prefab Garage Kits

Know Why Prefab Garage Apartment Is Always a Better Option

Prefab garage apartment is one of the best ways to extend your home space with a plethora of options and numerous utility functions that can help you in a number of ways.

Who wouldn’t wish for a custom designed prefab garage apartment that has all the luxury of a highly insulated wall, top-notch cooling and heating system, easy to access room space and state-of-the-art remote operated openers?

Your new garage might be too expensive to include all this from scratch, but if you go for prefab garage apartments, it can substantially reduce your construction cost and give you more-for-your-buck!

What Is Prefab Garage Apartment?

Prefab or prefabricated garage apartments are usually prebuilt garages that can give an extra space for your guests or a relative who stays along with you.

Prefab garage apartment is extremely beneficial if you have a space crunch in your house and need an extra space.

You can also transform your garage apartment into a rental room letting a person in on weekly or monthly basis. Getting hold of prefab or modular garage apartment not only makes it cost-effective, but also saves you huge amount of money which you might spend on labor charges.

Above all, prefab garages also serve as a normal garage offering you the purpose of sheltering one or more vehicle.

Advantages of Using Prefab Garage Apartment:

All the components of this structure are preassembled in a factory environment which means that all the elements are consistent which makes assembling it easier.

Manufacturers of these prefab apartments buy their materials in huge quantities which results in lower production cost.

This means that they can sell their products for a cheaper price, and you may even realize that it is much lesser than what you might have to spend in case you would have built from scratch.

There is absolutely no waste or anything to dispose once you have finished with its construction.

These garage constructions can be assembled in less time than building up a conventional apartment, which means it is exposed to less harsh weather conditions while it is being built.

Different Types of Prefab Carriage Apartment:

Finding different types of prefab apartment according to your convenience and style does not require much hard work, as there are numerous manufacturers out there that can offer you styles that you might have never thought about.

Here are some basic ones which will give you a clear idea on what to choose:

  • Highland: this type of garage is inspired from the northern Scotts, as its gable prove to be highly recommended with its classic dimensions. The elegant simplicity of this garage invites you to its custom-made door, window boxes and the Dutch style.
  • York: this resembles the famous English church type as its steep roof displays a fan arch and pane windows. This type of garage brings in ample amount of light indoor and has a lot of potential floor space. It also has two large sash windows to let you a view of its beautiful interiors.
  • Archer: this single garage is simple but definitely stylish. It has a generous width that gives you ample of space added by huge sash windows. The garage allows plenty of natural light and fresh air and is definitely an outlook to the modern city living.
  • Alpine – this kind of garages are great for homes with larger families as its roof soars high like a mountain and is big enough to store your extras, your car, household supplies and much more.

These are just not the only type what you might find in the market, but these will definitely give you an idea on how you can go hunting for your prefab garage apartment plans and how you can get the best out of your strict budget.

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Prefab Wooden Garages-Key Considerations When Buying a Prefab Wooden Garage

Prefab wooden garages are a convenient and cheap option if you are looking to house a motor vehicle or two. However there are a number of factors to consider before buying a prefab wooden garage.

You need to ensure that your prefab garage is supplied by a reputable firm with qualified carpenters and tradesmen. Transportation of your prefab garage can be a bumpy enough experience so you will need to ensure that your prefab garage is built by professionals with quality materials that are stored inside.
Generally prefab garages will be cheaper than stick built and the time from start to finish should be a matter of weeks, not months.

One thing you will need to establish before you order is whether you need a building permit or not. This can vary a great deal from county to county and state to state so check locally.

Your prefab garage supplies should be able to help you here if you require a permit as you will need some assistance with providing details such as what the finished garage will look like, you may be required to supply a set of structural and layout plans and other factors.
An experienced prefab garage supplies should be familiar with the procedure and should be of good assistance to you. But check this first when doing the negotiations.

A lot of prefab garages will come with a wooden floor as standard. If you are concerned about ground moisture or damp you should consider the wisdom of getting some pressure treated floor joists and treated plywood.

You will also need to consider the base for your garage and a concrete slab is recommended. A lot of local municipalities will require a concrete slab for a floor so make sure you are not being charged for a wooden floor when you will be unable to use it and have to install a concrete floor instead.

Make sure to factor in the cost of putting in a concrete slab for your floor because this will add considerably to the base price of your prefab garage.

Don’t forget your side entry door options too-for convenience a side entry door is essential and will allow you to access your garage without having to come and go from the overhead front garage door all the time.

Other things you might consider for your prefab garage might include a workbench, shelving, windows, a power source and lighting and any heavy duty work tools you might use.

Hopefully these pointers will help you when it comes to choosing prefab wooden garages for your property.

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Prefab Garage Kits-Are Garage Building Kits Any Use?

Prefab garage kits can not only save you room in your house, but also make you some hard earned cash.

How many households do you know that struggle for space? Probably 80% of the people you know are struggling with limited space in or around their house. This is why thousands of households purchase prefab garage kits in the last few years. They are space saving structures outside of your home where a lot of items, or just simply cars, can be stored.

If you have been struggling getting al your stuff in your house it might be time to consider if you can use the space outside of your house.

Pre Built Garages

Pre built garages are an excellent way to utilize dormant areas of space close to your house or property to use for space saving storage. Steel garage kits are durable and look good in almost every surrounding whether it be in suburbia or in an industrial area.


Garage building kits are relatively cheap and even when in use by you, they can still add value to your home or property as they will be counted as an “extra room” when sold. Prefabricated garages are easy to assemble and not easy to break down, so you will not have to be afraid that the big bad wolf drops by and blows your prefab garage to smithereens.

When you have installed the garage building, you will find that there is a lot of space. Even the garages with the smallest dimensions still offer a plethora of space where you can either park your car on a daily basis or where you can move the collection of fine Chinese Ming vases to.

Of course steel garage kits are not to be used as a safe, but they are pretty secure and hard to break in to, so with some strong locks and a bit of common sense you can really use this space well.

If the time has come to move on from your home or property than there is no need to break the structure down and take it with you. Normally they add a pretty sum to the value of your property which in most cases is more than the costs of the garage building kits you purchased in the first place.

You can always purchase another kit when you move to a new area so that you can take care of your changed needs by getting a bigger prefab garage.

Prefab garage kits can save you a lot of fighting in the household about space and location of goods, but it is also ideal for parking your car. Even if it is the second garage that will be used at the house, there will be no shortage of takers to use up the space. If you use the metal or wood structure as an office space or work place than you will find that it makes your family life even better as you will be able to take time to work close to the place where you live and relax.

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