Prefab Cabins

An Approximate Price Calculation of Prefab Log Cabins and Homes

Prefabricated log cabins come in numerous design plans and sizes that can be used for the largest family vacation or a small additional space.

While choosing these amazing structures you can opt for homes that have log already installed on the exterior or can choose unassembled logs which you can install by yourself.

Naturally, the options come with different prices and so if you are approximating your budget, there are a few things apart from the design that you might need to consider.

While approximating your budget for prefab log homes here are few points to remember:

  • Land price
  • Facilities provided on the land
  • Utilities that need to be included in the home
  • Permits
  • Any contractors that need to be hired
  • Installation professionals (if needed)
  • The design of home

Prefabricated log homes like all other modular homes are built in a factory environment and then shifted to the actual construction site and assembled together.

This means that all the houses are made in factory control environment that does not expose the raw materials to any harsh weather conditions and you can also expect a timely delivery.

Just because these homes are built in a factory, you might not have to face late delivery excuses related to whether related work stopping. Modular homes definitely come with different price tags depending on its designs, facilities and sizes, but one thing is for sure – they are extremely cheap when compared to constructing a traditional home from scratch!

Moreover, modular cabins give you the freedom to choose the design that you want and give you higher alteration facility. You can alter the floor according to your desires or add or subtract facilities and features including the door, windows, lighting and other customizable options.

Approximate Price Value of a Prefabricated Home:

If you are ready to choose a 900 ft.² home that consists of two bathrooms and two bedrooms, it may cost you around $80,000.

For those who want to go for a much more lavish expenditure, choosing a 2200 ft.² that gives you four bedrooms and three bathrooms may cost you somewhere between $150,000 – $185,000.

If your budgets allows you to roll on with a little extra bucks then with a $198,000, you can be an owner of a lavish 2500 ft.² apartment furnished with four bedrooms and four bathrooms with an additional floor as a bonus space that you can keep for meeting your friends and relatives.

These price structures are just an approximate value for better understanding and have been calculated for homes that are completely finished with furnishings and just need to be installed on the site.

These constructions come completely including all the fixtures, wiring, plumbing, floor treatment, additional cabinets, appliances and other accessories.

The approximate value of a modular home per square feet runs anywhere from $100 – $160 depending on the facilities that you wish to choose.

Remember, that these prices are subjected to changes according to the alterations that you wish to consider, so it is totally up to you to approximate your values by making a few adjustments here and there to get your dream project.

Choosing a prefabricated log cabin can be one of the wisest decisions that you make because they can not only be installed extremely easily, but also can be made in no time at all.

For those who are on a strict budget and cannot afford to go for concrete structures from scratch can definitely choose log cabins for their convenience. The popularity of log cabins has been skyrocketing for the past few years just because they are efficient in time and in value.

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Common Misconceptions about the Prefab Cabin

Imagine if you could build an entire home on a piece of land by reducing your construction time by almost 12 months and save up to 80% in debt service as well as on your construction cost by roughly 50%.

This is exactly what you get if you choose to order a prefab cabin in comparison to constructing a conventional home.

It does not matter whether you need a prefabricated structure for additional space, an alternative for your garage, a storage compartment or just another home extension, prefab structures have always been popular and is still growing with immense popularity among people who are searching for a cost effective construction plan.

The idea of prefabricated structures is often misperceived or underused just because there are a lot of rumors around.

However, the truth is that these ready-made or modular cabins not only reduces your construction timeline, but lower any kind of risk by providing you quality in a controlled environment with increased efficiency.

Common Misconceptions about Prefabricated Homes:

As said earlier, prefabricated homes have always been misunderstood to be mobile homes which are also produced in factories. A mobile home is extremely different from a modular home, as modular homes are not trailer homes and cannot move from one location to another.

Moreover, prefabricated homes are made in accordance to the state or city’s building codes and built in particular boxes or modules to be assembled for final construction.

Risk of damage: The only difference between a conventional home and a prefabricated home is that the modular home is built off-site and then moved into the construction site.

The good part about this kind of construction is that almost 85% of modular cabins are produced in a control factor environment which makes sure that all the raw materials are not exposed to extreme climatic conditions.

Once built in factory control environment they are shipped to the construction site with extreme care and control, making sure that none of the parts are prone to any kind of damages.

Regulatory Control: unlike mobile homes, modular homes are regulated by authorities that control conventional homes. Prefabricated cabins or houses are built in accordance with uniform building code (UBC) whereas mobile homes are built in accordance with HUD.

Construction Quality: A prefabricated house or a ready-made house that is made in factory environment calls for better electrical works, plumbing, wall framing, roofing and more. Hence, you can be sure that a modular home/cabin is just like that of a conventional home and higher in quality when compared to mobile homes.

With such an amazing facility around who would want to go for a conventional construction process? These modular homes are best suited for those who do not want to waste their time, money and energy on constructing something that might need alteration in the future.

Every home needs a prefabricated space either to extend their primary home or construct an additional home for a weekend getaway.

However, it is extremely important that you choose to do a little research on the type of prefab cabins that you wish to construct as there are numerous plans available online as well as with manufacturers.

While choosing a cabin of your choice make sure to consider your weather conditions, the purpose you are using it for, the facilities that you wish to include, the durability of its raw materials and the timeline it needs to last.

Answering these few questions will definitely give you an idea on what to choose and the type of design that you may want to have on your newly constructed home.

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An Excellent Small Prefab Cabins Review

With all the amazing options available in small prefab cabins these days, there seems to be an overwhelming demand for these beautiful structures.

It’s not that hard to imagine a quiet cozy evening by the lake with a warm fireplace and good company, relaxing and sharing stories with a few drinks and soft background music.

Or perhaps, sometimes everybody needs to have that quiet peaceful time in life where you can relax by your own retaliating some of the most amazing experiences.

The demand for prefab cabins has hit its highest point now in the last 50 years and in this ever ballooning housing industry where building a home is extremely difficult and expensive, you can almost forget about an additional space for yourself or your family. However, your dream of owning a weekend getaway, a vacation retreat or a hunting cabin can now become a reality by choosing small prefab cabins.

Why Should I Go For Small Prefabricated Cabins?

If you have ever dreamt about a weekend getaway to a contemporary piece of design then the right choice here is to opt for prefabricated cabins.

These cabins come and stunning designs with amazing manufacturing techniques that allow you to not only build it, but also enjoy it as soon as possible.

A cabin is all about restoration and recreation experience, so nobody wants to give up years in building them.

With prefabricated cabins you can not only enjoy a great design but also build it up in no time at all which gives you an opportunity to enjoy in them.

Small prefabricated cabin means building less. Saying no to big construction means less time, less money, less waste and no stress on you or your neighborhood.

Faster construction is yet another great advantage of using small prefabricated cabins because it results in greater affordability, less construction time and higher quality in materials.

How Do I Choose The Right Prefabricated Cabin?

Choosing a prefabricated cabin does require you to consider a few points. The good part about these cabins is that environmentally conscious consumers can feel comfortable in buying them as most of them are created with green materials.

Although, small prebuilt cabins come in a variety of styles and sizes, different consumers have different concepts about how small they would like their cabins to be. Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before choosing a prefab cabin:

  • How much space would you need for convenience in your cabin?
  • Would you be using your cabin only for yourself or would want your family and friends to join in for weekend getaways?
  • Would you use your cabin as a hunting cabin? If yes, you would want to store some tools and equipments.
  • Are you looking for alternative energy sources such as solar water heater or solar panels?
  • What kind of weather conditions would your prefab cottage need to withstand?
  • What kind of materials would you want on your cabin such that it can withstand the climate and the environmental dangers?

Although, it seems unbelievable that a modular cabin or cottage can be built in a day, it certainly can. Like you build a model airplane or a car, prefab manufacturer sends you pieces of the cabin to put together and create an amazing structure for your own.

If you would rather have someone assemble your prefab cabin, could also find plenty of contractors with excellent experience in handling such projects.

Some Manufacturers Who Could Give You Great Designs In Small Prefab Cabins:

Wood Tex Products: founded in 1983 this manufacturer continues to be one of the leading creators of prefabricated products. They focus on delivering quality products at reasonable prices giving personal attention to each customer. They have an option of weekender locked cabin, Adirondack cabin and two-story cabins.

Faberhaus – a recently introduced small prefab cabin known as the Pavilion brings you a 450 square feet design with 95% modular in factory assembly. Its contemporary design and maximum utilization of spaces is a true pleasure to live in.

Form & Forest – their small cabins is in a range of 400 – 800 ft.², with amazing structure and style. Choosing to go for this manufacturer surely will give you great benefits and an equivalent design structure.

Prefabricated cabins or cottages make an excellent addition to your primary living space and can also serve as a great escape on weekends to break from the stress of everyday life.

It is recommended that you take time to do a little research on the industry and the type that come in these beautiful structures.

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Hunting Cabin Kits – Shop for the Companies That Offer the Best!

Having a hunting cabin amidst the beautiful ambience of a forest is a dream for many, but of course with the only problem being that it is too difficult to spend your time and money while building one.

However, thanks to many companies today that have introduced prebuilt hunting cabin kits that are simple to install and do not need any installation experience, and will not require you to spend on labor charges.

These pre-built cabin kits is easier to install and can be installed on any hunting property that you own.

Although, cabin kits are usually used for hunting purposes they can also be used as a guest room in your backyard, a display shop, a home extension or even more.

With just simple tools you can easily install these cabin kits and can enjoy some of the basic facilities that you are accustomed to in your home.

Companies That Offer You Hunting Cabin Kits:

Today more and more companies are coming up with prebuilt hunting cabin kits that are easy to install, convenient to use and beautiful to look at. The simple but highly efficient hunting cabin kits come in different styles and designs from which you can choose for your purpose. Here is a list of companies that bring out some of the best hunting cabin kits:

1. Pine Brook cabins

Located in Indiana this company sells prefabricated hunting cabin kits in numerous sizes. The smallest you can find here is one 120 ft.² and is priced as low as $6000.

Apart from the simple size you might also find numerous other sizes with extra add-ons that can help you to fit your porch swing, air conditioner, extra lightings and various other facilities that you enjoy.

Of course, you can expect an additional cost for the add-ons that you order, but you can definitely enjoy a lot of additional elements to your simple hunting cabin.

2. Lancaster Hunting Cabins

Here you may find prebuilt and prefabricated hunting cabins with extremely low cost expense and a great option for bachelors who would like to live in them throughout the year.

Some amazing styles available here are: Buck Mountain Cabin, Dutch Mountain Cabin and Bear Mountain Cabin. All of these are log cabins and start at a price or $5000.

If you need them to be delivered to your home you may include additional delivery and freight charges. The biggest advantage of buying hunting cabins from this company is that they are highly customizable and you can bring home cabins as big as 14X40 feet.

3. Conestoga Hunting Cabins

The cabins kits also start at a price range of $6000 and are highly customizable ones. These cabins are simple and convenient in its building process and the company ensures that it packs all the elements everything from precut logs and drills to the windows and light bulbs in a single installation kit. Assembling the kit from then on needs only basic tools and there is nothing else you need to buy.

4. Panel Concepts

Here is yet another company that offers you some of the best hunting cabin houses with the smallest being 144 square feet.

The prices here are also pretty much affordable and come with highly durable wood components. Like any other company, they also charge for additional facilities depending on its usage and features.

Hunting cabin kits surely are a great solution for anyone who has no time and money to build something that they do not intend to use all the year round. A little research on the Internet will surely help you come up with some of the best in the industry.

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Small Cabin Plans

Small cabin plans are available on the internet.

These plans cover an entire range of products. They also come with various options and upgrades. However, before you select the first plan that you see, take a bit of time and investigate all the choices that are available. If you want to save yourself a lot of money, online plans are ideal.


There are many reasons that you may want to buy a small cabin. It could be that you want to have an additional storage shed for your yard and lawn equipment. You may want to be able to keep your quad or ATV dry when it is not being used. Or perhaps you are looking for a nice small cottage to build on your private acreage for weekend getaways. You can find online plans for all of these structures and more. (Check out affordable pole barn kits and Southland log homes)

If you are searching for a plan to be used as a guest cottage for weekend getaways, you should visit many of the online companies. These sites provide many different designs that can accommodate the tastes of almost any individual. Their floor plans may include everything from a simple one-bedroom  log cabin to a simple cottage that can accommodate any of the modern conveniences that you may want to install.


There are advantages to buying a design from a good company as opposed to selecting one that is free online. Many of these companies can alter or adjust the building to suit any of your personal requirements. Additionally, if you are planning to build a country cottage, you may be required to ensure that it is built up to all local codes and regulations. These sites are often able to assist you with any problems that you may have during the assembly phase.  They can also provide you with any important information that you may need to know prior to building.

If you are looking for a log home or shed you might want to take some time to investigate a kit. There are hundreds of different kits available, and you have to read all the details carefully. Many of the kits are completely ready to put together once they arrive on-site. All the measuring and cutting has been done for you. The only thing for you to do is the final assembly.


Whether you are an experienced builder or a complete amateur, you can construct your own log house, cabin or storage building. If you are in need of small cabin plans, then go on the internet and start looking.  Be certain that whatever you decide to purchase comes with a good instruction manual.

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Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log cabin floor plans are essential if you decide to invest some hard earned cash in building a log cabin home for yourself.

There is a wider range of floor plans to choose from and the principal considerations you will need to consider are


  1. Do you already own the land or will you have to buy some?
  2. The actual floor plans you need will be determined by how many stories, how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need in your new log cabin home
  3. Planning permits required?
  4. Exterior finish
  5. Complexity of design
  6. Extras


One thing you need to be careful about is the planning regulations in your area and if building a log cabin type home will require a permit (almost certainly). (Check out affordable pole barn kits and how to build a storage shed also.)


A key factor in choosing floor plans also will be the size of your new home and whether you intend living in it on a permanent basis or you simply wish to use it as a holiday home and a place for weekend breaks with friends and family.


You will find some log cabin floor plans in the internet for download but you might also consider purchasing a book of plans from a book store or Yet another source of cabin plans should be your local library where you can peruse what is available and take photocopies if necessary.


A good set of log home floor plans will allow you to build a custom home to take advantage of the great outdoors and will range in size from around 1,000 square feet right up to any size you wish in excess of 3,000 square feet.


Most log home suppliers will also provide you with ready made plans that they will have used before or they will work with you to build a custom home with the input of a designer or architect of your choice to make the necessary changes to the basic plan.


Studying fancy log home floor plans is one thing; financing your new build is another. Keep in mind that every extra square foot of cabin will cost you and the biggest determinant of the cost of your new home will be the number of bedrooms, living space, bathrooms and whether you choose a single story, 2 story or 1 ½ story building.


Other key factors in the ultimate cost of your new home will be the exterior finish you choose-choices range from French country to Western log and timber to Adirondack to Chalet to Appalachian- and whether your building design is relatively straightforward and rectangular/square or whether is has a lot of roof hips, valleys, dormer windows and so forth.


Your architect or designer should be with you every step of the way if you intend departing from a standard plan provided by a log cabin manufacturer because you would not see all the extra changes and details causing a spiral out of control of your budget.


Sticking to a good set of log cabin floor plans will help you curtail a runaway budget and leave you with a log cabin home to enjoy for many years to come.

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Prefab Cabins | Prefab Log Cabins and Hunting Cabins

Prefab cabins can make your spare time feel like holidays. Many people are thinking of investing in prefab log cabins as hunting cabins.

Or just some safe, quiet place to escape from the rat race of everyday stresses and tensions.

When you are thinking about prefab cabins you can imagine a small, claustrophobic wooden structure build on a wasteland in the middle of nowhere, but you can also think of a beautifully structured cabin on the edge of the woods or near the lake used for a romantic getaway or break.
It is up to you which option you think about, but it is safe to say that most people will go for the second option.

Prefab Log Cabins

Prefab log cabins can be used for many reasons and can be used intensively or just on rare occasions. Not only can you use them as that romantic getaway we just were thinking about above, but cabin kits can also be used to make a great log cabin base for hunters.
As we always like to think about romance first we look at this option first of course.

Cabin kits are easy to construct and the prefab log cabins do not even need to take up that much space, if you do not want to, so if you own a small piece of land in the woods or near a lake you can use panelized kits to quickly build a cabin for you and your family. Relax with the rustling of the trees in the background or enjoy the fire place whilst listening to some good classic music whilst you are enjoying a good glass of wine.

You can make your prefabricated log cabin as comfy as you want as the inside can be easily decorated in any style you want. This offers the perfect weekend or holiday getaway.

Prefab Hunting Cabins

Of course there are also the functional usages of log cabins. The most common other use is the use as a hunting cabin and these prefab hunting cabins are very handy to store your kit for a quick hunting break.

Most hunters will not spend much time in their cabin so functionality is all that is needed. Just a place to sleep well and make a nice dinner before or after the hunt is all that is required. With cabin kits you can go for vey basic structures, or you can give yourself a bit of luxury.

Because of the flexible solutions available when you are looking to purchase cabin kits, you can really make the packages suited to your needs.

If you always wanted to have a little getaway away form other people, than now is the best time to do it. Land can be purchased at an all time low cost and with the prices of prefab cabins also very low you will be able to have the “luxury” of owning a log cabin for a fraction of the usual cost.

This will not only give you more equity, but it will also be a place where you can reduce stress levels, be it because of a quick relaxing break or to release the pressure by stalking and hunting for game.

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