Prefab Apartment Buildings

A Complete Guide on Prefab Apartment Buildings

A prefabricated apartment building is definitely unique because it is built not only in a climate control factory but also reduces the chances of any weather-related delays or problems.

A recent study has revealed that most wood decay and moist happening on apartment buildings can be blamed on its transportation and storage during its construction stages.

The fact that prefab apartment buildings constructed in a factory environment eliminates any possibility of building material damage.

Why Are Prefab Apartment Buildings So Famous?

  • One of the most attractive aspects of prefab apartment buildings are that it allows numerous options and design possibilities.
  • Moreover, your builder will work with the manufacture as well as you to design the right type of apartment building that suits your needs.
  • Manufacturers today come with a wide range of housing plans to choose from with styles that goes beyond one’s imagination.
  • They also offer numerous customizable options allowing you to design your own floor plans, pick the style of windows, and choose colors on your carpet, vinyl, interiors, countertops and more.

The possibilities of alteration are almost endless here.

How Much Time Does A Prefab Apartment Take To Construct?

  • Modular homes or prefab apartments are generally built in about 1/3 time needed to construct a newly built home.
  • With careful planning and organizing you can get your apartment within weeks after selecting it. The good part about this reduced time of construction is that it also reduces the interest on any construction financing.
  • In addition, you may also get highly skilled workforce that the manufacturer provides which makes your apartment the best in the industry.
  • You will also not encounter any kind of delays, slow workforce, bad weather and other excuses which might happen in a conventional instruction site.

Does Prefab Apartment Provide Better Quality Construction?

Since your prefab apartment is built in factories, manufacturers use the best of tools available to custom manufacture its parts, you can be sure that all the aspects of your prefab apartment will be flawless.

In addition, the walls of the apartment are lag-bolted to its exterior walls and other facilities are installed on all of the apartment’s electrical outlet boxes. Moreover, good quality straps support the wall to the floor.

Will Shipping And Transportation Of These Apartments Damage Its Parts?

Once the modular home is constructed in the factory it is loaded for transportation. To handle all the damages of shipping each apartment is constructed with approximately 30% more material than a conventional home.

This is a great advantage as it increases the structural strength of the apartment and also provides a rigid system that performs much efficiently than conventional housing system.

Prefab Apartment Manufacturers That You May Wish To Consider:

All American Homes: All American Homes is one of nation’s leading manufacturers of modular housing and has large network of independent builders in most states.

They have authorized builders throughout the upper Midwest, Midwest and the east of the United States.

Apex Modular Homes: located in Pennsylvania, this modular home manufacturer provides some of the most excellent options in prefabricated housing varieties.

Connecticut Valley Homes: this manufacturer coordinates work with homebuyers in Rhode Island and Connecticut. They have an excellent reputation and have built over 1400 homes and are a highly experienced and reliable construction company.

Alouette Homes: this manufacturer has been manufacturing modular and analyze home since 1971. They are one of the few Canadian manufacturers that have been certified ISO 9001 quality standard and assures that every home is a reflection of their quality and hard work.

Apart from these, you might also find a couple of other prefab apartment manufacturers that may suit your construction needs. Opting for a prefabricated apartment is way more beneficial than going for a conventional one is terms of the time, money and energy spent on it.

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Prefab Apartment Buildings-Prefab Housing Solutions

Prefabricated or prefab apartment buildings are basically factory built components that are assembled on-site. The manufactures create sections that are transported to the construction site where they are put together.

These houses are low on energy, environmentally friendly, affordable and easy on the eyes. For this simple reason, the demand for prefab housing has increased over the years.

The assembly of a prefab apartment building is based on a similar concept as that of a car. Due to environmental advances and the high cost of real estate, countries like Europe, Australia and America are amongst the top consumers of prefabricated houses.

Don’t be misled with the fact that prefab buildings are difficult to customize. As a matter of fact, the choice is endless. You can add crown moldings and hot tubs the same way you get new seats for the car. Get a prefabricated home constructed to your own specification. Actually, there is a large variety of options to choose from based on your budget.

The term ‘Prefab’ by itself covers both manufactured and modular homes:

  1. Manufactured homes – In the days gone by, they were known as mobile homes. They sit on a steel chasses. The chassis not only acts as a strong foundation for the house, but also used in their transportation. The assembly line construction brought down the cost of these homes to a great extent.
  2. Modular homes – These types of homes are of higher class and are more apt with the current prefab trend of residential homes. The material used in modular houses are far expensive than manufactured homes. Since they also include some mind blowing upgrade options such as granite counter tops and antique flooring, these prefab apartment buildings can get relatively larger in size as well. They are constructed with steel posts and wooden beams.

Prefab housing is prefect for those on a budget but nowadays architects are experimenting to produce superior styled homes. They had added environmental benefits like energy efficiency which increases the value of the house considerably.

Many residential areas have been constructed with modular home largely due to its environmental benefits. The earth friendly earth panels, bamboo floors and compressed straw panels are also cheaper when bought in bulk. This naturally increases the level of energy efficiency.

There are a number of websites available with great home design ideas and models for prefab apartment buildings. Get online and make your choice today!

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