Pole Barn Kits

Excellent Tips on How to Choose Pole Barn Plans

Constructing a pole barn has become one of the easiest options today as there are tons of ready to use pole barn plans available and more than enough blueprints that an enthusiastic homeowner can not only build up a pole barn, but can also add up his own additional storage shelters.

While building a pole barn with its blueprint plan, you can never go wrong either with the choice of wood or the design because these plans lets you build a pole barn just the way you need it.

While you might see numerous kinds of barns in North America, the pole barn is one of the most preferred as this is actually a simple metal roofing being supported with several polls.

Besides, the barn can vary from enormously big to really small ones and the wood used can be added if one chooses to do so.

What Is The Pole Barn Used For?

You can use the pole barn for many different purposes and the most preferred choice of is its use to store equipments or shelter animals.

These multipurpose pole barns offer extremely cheap choice of materials and the structure is also relatively simple.

However, if you’re planning to build a pole barn you are definitely going to need some help, and this is exactly the reason why people go for pole barn plans to construct their beautiful structure.

These pole barn plans are readily available online and come with numerous choices depending upon your convenience.

What To Look Out For While Choosing Pole Barn Plans:

Construction Area: while building a pole barn you need to have a definite area where you are planning to build it. Also, depending upon the purpose of the barn you should have necessary things that can make it easier for you to operate it.

For example, simple facilities like the water and electricity should be accessible for convenience. If you are planning to use it to store equipments you should make sure that a vehicle can easily access the barn.

Hence, choosing a pole barn brand that can easily help you with such kind of convenience will be helpful.

Size – the size of the pole barn depends upon its purpose and this is why you need to decide on a specific size and its material before you go hunting for pole barn plans.

Besides, you should also be specific on the type of material that you want to use for your construction, because if wood is what you have in mind for the side walls, roof should definitely be that of metal.

Wood – the framework on which your pole barn stands needs to be constructed strongly and aside from the usual timbres and tree trunks you should also consider strong wood that can keep your barn safe during the harsh weather climates.

Where Can I Find Pole Barn Plans?

Internet -one of the most convenient and efficient options where you could find your blueprints is online. There are thousands of illustrations, detail drawings, schematics and blueprints that can come to your use while building your pole barn.

These drawings are usually provided on paid subscriptions and most of these packages and kits give you a comprehensive list of the type of materials you need for your construction.

You might also find quote calculators for advanced plans which help you to calculate your approximate expenses while building.

DIY Project – if you are on a strict budget, then the best thing that you could go for is DIY pole barn plan which is more practical when compared to hiring laborers or contractors.

If you are planning to hire contractors to do the job for you, you might end up with three time costlier quotes and the best way to avoid such expenses is to do the project yourself.

Moreover, while making your own pole barn you can include your personal choices and options for customized construction.

Building your own pole barn with the help of pole barn plans surely is a rewarding and endeavoring task for home improvement.

The completion of such construction helps you achieve higher success rates and with numerous options available online for guidance you just do not have to worry at all.

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Affordable Pole Barn Kits

Affordable pole barn kits are much sought after by anyone looking to build a pole barn.

A pole building, because of it’s practicality and functionality, is a popular choice in storage buildings and you can see them dotted around the country, especially if farming states.


Barn kits offer storage solutions for the private homeowner, farmers and even businesses for storage of various stock. The range of barn kits available make them ideal for the landowner to customize his new storage building to whatever size and shape he wishes.

Check out storage shed design plans and how to build a storage shed also.


A good set of pole barn plans which can be drawn up to your own spec and the right quantity of beams, utility poles, siding can leave you with a very practical and functional storage shed. Other uses possible for a pole barn include a workshop for your small home business and one thing you will have to consider with some thought is the floor you put in.


A concrete floor is the best solution for longevity but the purpose of your pole barn will dictate with a simple hard pan, dirt floor being more suitable in some circumstances.


Other more salubrious uses for a pole barn is as extra living space to your existing home or to serve as an office; if this is the case you will need to consider the more costly extra expense of wiring, water, plumbing and insulation.


Pole barn kits

Pole barn kits offer you the convenience of building your new storage space with a factory made, prefabricated kit which is relatively easy to put together with a lot of the hard work having been done for you already.


You can choose a bolt together kit to make life easier for you with your principal job being site preparation. You will need a good, well drained piece of land with all the services accessible.



You will need to give some though also to the quality of wood that is going to be used in your poles and siding with weather prepared and treated woods going to be more expensive but the best value in the long run.


One thing you simply cannot overlook though is planning; check with your local planning office or building code department to enquire about the necessity of obtaining planning and the various regulations and codes which must be followed. Depending on where you live there may be local ordinances concerning resistance to wind speeds, snow load factors on the roof and other local requirements.


If you buy your pole barn kit locally your supplier should be able to advise you in this regard also; if he can’t then you need to make enquiries as to why not. Even though he will not be responsible for the compliance of the building with local building regulations he should have a good grasp of local requirements.


Affordable pole barn kits will clearly depend on your budget; what is one man’s affordable is another’s expensive.


But one thing is for sure-a well built pole barn can be not just a very aesthetically pleasing building but one which enhances the value of your property and which will prove to be a good investment in the long run.

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Pole Barn Floor Plans

It’s imperative that you take a look at pole barn floor plans if you are building a pole barn. It will help you make sure your pole barn is done right the first time.

Choosing a pole barn over a different style of barn will provide you with a better structure that will withstand outdoor conditions and will last longer than other types of barns. Another benefit is that they are cheaper to erect. Since they are cost conscious, you can usually build a larger barn than other styles.


Make sure you adhere to the laws and regulations for constructing a pole barn in your area and obtain all the necessary permits.(Check out sliding barn door plans also and prefabricated garages)

Just because it’s called a pole barn doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only used to build a barn. Other uses for pole barn plans include homes, garages, sheds and more. It’s used quite often because of its durability and simplicity to construct.

Pole Barn Home Floor Plans

Oftentimes pole barn designs are used for home construction since they have a unique look to a normal house. Also, it’s a very economical option over regular home construction or even buying an existing home.

You can expect to save $50,000-$150,000 over a traditional home if you choose to erect a pole barn home instead. If this is your purpose, you’ll need a good pole barn floor plan. It’s very crucial that you use a floor plan before starting to build.

A simple web search will help you find pole barn floor plans regardless of your intent for construction. If you want an actual barn or a home, you’ll find them in a quick search. You can find either a pole barn home plan or simple pole barn plan for about $8-$15.


You might actually get lucky and find a pole barn floor plan for free. However, if you do find a free plan, make sure it fits the style you’re looking for and meets your needs.

Thoroughly check the area where you plan to build to make sure it is free from standing water and hills that could funnel rain down to the area. You might want to hire an engineer to look at the area to help you avoid potential problems.


You might even be able to get an assessment from the city in which you live. After you find a secure area for construction, all you need is your pole barn floor plan and you’re off and running.

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Pole Barn Kits-A Convenient Storage Solution

Discover how pole barn kits can provide a convenient solution for your storage problems-from storage of farm equipment, tractors, shelters for horses and other animals to storage for your extra stuff around your home for motor vehicles, recreational vehicles, gardening equipment etc.

Pole barns are ideal for horse barns and a barn kit can be assembled pretty easily. But there are a number of things you will need to consider such as planning-you will almost certainly need a permit-and preparing the ground which should be well drained and level.



A barn kit should include all of the necessary lumber, wood trusses, fasteners and metal or other siding. This diy job will need a little planning and preparation and it is important that your barn kit supplier can supply you with detailed designs, diy instructions and predesigned pieces.

Also read prefab garages, prefab sheds, prebuilt homes and prefab steel buildings.

Other things you will need to consider include windows, doors and insulation as well as your roof and siding and that your building will be code compliant.


When shopping for your kit check out if the supplier will ship to you direct and that you are getting the most competitive price which will typically start at around $5,000 for a 24 x 32 x 10 which would include 1 single sliding door and 1 steel entry door.


This price would not include labour which should run you around $2,000 but you will still have a very good horse barn or multi-purpose storage area regardless of what you need the storage for.


One of the great advantages of barn kits is that there is no need to go to the expense of having plans drawn up or sourcing materials and organizing and coordinating the whole job together.


Check out the roofing and siding that will be supplied and whether there is a warranty or not (there should be) and whether the metal is coated and galvanized. Another point to check is whether concrete footers and the necessary fasteners are supplied.


Assembly of your barn should then only take a few days provided you have the ground prepared and your supplier supplies you with all necessary parts of your kit.


Storage barns are expensive to build from scratch and if you are looking for a garage or horse barn or a general storage area then a pole barn kit is well worth checking out.

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