Metal Carports

Aluminum Carports – The Best Alternative for Your Garage Extension

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a pristine clear garage especially with all the extra toys, bicycles, workstation, Christmas decorations, and the tools that need to find a place outside the home.

The list of things that we put inside our garage just keeps going on and on ultimately leaving no room for your motorcycles, cars or trucks. Or perhaps, you have just bought a new car and one of your beautiful wheels needs to sit outside because you just cannot find it a beautiful shade.

The fact that you have paid your hard-earned money for these wheels and you don’t want the environmental elements to destroy your paint job, the first thing that you would look for is a solution to protect that gorgeous glossy metal.

Aluminum carports are the right solution for such a problem and can be found in metal, canvas, vinyl and wood.

What Are Aluminum Carports?

Carports protect your cars from sunlight and storm by providing a shade over your vehicles. Carports are one of the most excellent ideas for providing shelter to your vehicle without indulging in a lavish expense of building a garage.

Moreover, since these carports are a frame they have a very nice open feel and are easier to install.

What Are The Different Types of Aluminum Carports?

1. Freestanding aluminum carports – if you want complete protection against the weather choosing aluminum freestanding models helps you get a concrete ceiling with effective water drainage.

You can find freestanding aluminum carports in many different color options, ceiling panels that can conceal the underside of the roof, color option for the four standing posts and design elements for drainage system.

You can also choose them from different heights and sizes depending upon the number and type of vehicle that you have to protect.

2. Portable aluminum carports – although aluminum carports are generally installed for permanent purposes, some prefer it for temporary installation and aluminum carports are just fine for the same.

For instance, portable aluminium carports might be extremely beneficial for a car dealer who wants to display his cars temporarily and would want to protect it from the sun and the rain.

These carports can also be carried along with you if you need to move to another location for a short while on business and want your car protected just fine.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Carports?

Choosing a metal carport is extremely beneficial for those who require extreme protection against harsh weather conditions. Here are some benefits if you choose aluminum carports as your garage extension:

  • Portability – as said earlier, aluminum carports are lightweight which makes it extremely easy to carry along and set up as and when you desire. An aluminum carport definitely looks much more professional than a circus tent style display and you can surely take it with you if you need the carports temporarily.
  • Easy installation – most aluminum carports kit come with DIY kit, and so it becomes extremely easy for any home owner to assemble it in just a matter of few hours. This means that you do not have to pay for labor charges every time you decide to get it installed or removed.
  • Extremely strong and durable – aluminum carports sometimes come with steel post and it extremely durable and strong. These strong shades can withstand winds up to 80 miles per hour. A durable aluminium carport can withstand 40 pounds of snow / square feet. Moreover, unlike wood, aluminum does not give in to rot, crack, twist or decay; but its corrosion and fire resistant properties won’t bother you at all.

How Much Will Aluminum Carports Cost Me?

Carports usually come in steel and aluminum. Now each of these has their own pros and cons but you will find that aluminum is much less costlier and offer the same benefits as that of steel. The price range of aluminum carports depend upon its size, structural pattern, features, coating and more.

Aluminum carports are one of the best solutions when it comes to an alternative option to your garage. You can not only use them to protect your vehicles but can also be kept as a storage area for protecting other things that cannot be kept inside your garage.

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Carolina Carports

Carolina Carports is a company that is rapidly becoming a leader in the field of steel carports, garages and utility buildings. Founded in 1997, this company employs a team of experts who are able to combine the latest technology and advancements with the very best in metal building designs. Their headquarters is located in North Carolina, with outlets in various other cities throughout the USA.

Steel carports

One of their specialties is manufacturing steel carports. A carport is slightly different from a garage in that it normally only has two walls. This design allows for more ventilation and depending upon the placement of the structure a person need not have to back out of the carport. Additionally, a carport does not require a foundation to be installed.

Purchasing a Carolina carport garage, or steel building, has many significant advantages over similar types of structures. In many urban areas, you will need to obtain various permits, if you want to install a garage. However, you may be able to put up a carport without having to go through this lengthy and often expensive process. Additionally, steel structures, barns and utility buildings are guaranteed to be able to withstand both wind and snow loads.


The use of galvanized steel in its construction gives the building a much longer lifespan than similar structures made of wood or other materials. Galvanized steel is metal, which has been dipped into liquid zinc. This process ensures that it will not rust or corrode. Due to the quality of the structures, the company is able to warranty many of its products for 20 years. (See also portable carports)

Steel buildings produced by North Carolina Carports are designed by professional engineers and can be customized to suit many different requirements. As a customer, you can select not only the size of building, but also the height. You can also choose to have windows and doors incorporated into the design. For additional security, you can even add a garage door.


Carolina carport complaints

Carolina carport complaints have been very few. One of the goals of this company is to ensure that all of its customers are satisfied with the buildings and the service. They do their very best to make certain that any and all problems are solved in an efficient and professional manner.

Metal buildings are becoming more popular as people recognize the real value that they offer. Carolina Carports both manufacture and sell these quality structures. Furthermore, their service does not stop there. Carolina will ship and install any product that you purchase from them.  They want to ensure that you are completely happy with your new building.

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Choosing a Portable Carport-Portable Carports Offer Many Uses For The Homeowner

There is no better solution for homeowners and drivers than a portable carport to protect their car from the wind, sun and rain. It’s an ingenious way to offer protection at a relatively low price.

The assembly of a carport is simple if there are one or more assistants to help you with things. You may consider a carport as a safe-house for your car, but kids let their imagination run loose and think of it as a fort, a castle, a house and what not.


Did you know that a portable carport has many other uses that merely providing shelter to a car?

Yes, metal carports have many handy uses over and above the protection of your car or truck.

It can be converted into an oversized room when the mother-in-law comes to visit. You could also use it as a huge tent, ideal for a camping trip. Mini sized carports are available that can be taken to the beach as well. But wait! It does not stop here.

There are specialized lightweight portable metal carports that could be converted into a greenhouse. You heard that right! These type of structures are ideal for newbie gardeners who love what they do but don’t have the finances to setup a full fledged structure.

Here are a few tips to help you while setting portable carports:

  1. Avoid mix and match – Poles designed to be fit at corners should be connected at corners only.
  2. Take your time – Avoid being in a hurry and push poles one inside the other. Forcing a pole into position could damage it.
  3. Never assemble in high winds – It’s not a wise idea to fix carport covers on a breezy day. It would just make installation difficult and cause damage to the fabric.
  4. Permit – A portable metal carport may require a permit to construct, based on local zoning regulations or rural location.
  5. Certifications – If required, carports are also available with wind or snow load certifications.

So, if you value the protection of your cars and are looking for an ultra economical solution plus versatility, portable carports is what you need. You can either be adventurous and setup it up yourself or simply call for experts who will get it standing in a jiffy.

They will also be prepared to provide you with any information regarding the purchasing and installation of carports. It is clearly evident that a portable carport can offer a little something to anybody.

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Aluminum Carports and Steel Caports-What You Need To Know

Aluminum carports are an unconventional choice for those seeking a trusted way to park their vehicles. Over the years, carports have become a popular choice by many as they offer the same protection from outside elements as contemporary garages at a much economical price.

They are even easier to set up and are highly weather resistant.  Aluminum is an extremely durable lightweight metal which provides endless variations or options to choose from. An advantage to aluminum carports are its strength to weight ratio, and its non-corrosive property.

Whether you are looking for a carport to rent or build, there are numerous options available for you to choose from. Whatever the size or design, the material used is what distinguishes it from one another.
Carports are manufactured in four major forms:

  1. Polyester Carports
  2. Polyethylene Carports
  3. Steel Carports
  4. Aluminum Carports

All of them are equally effective in protection from rain, snow or sunshine and at the same remarkably easy to assemble as they normally come with customer friendly directions. Their versatility enables you to erect them as permanent or as make-shift structures. Carports are a relatively economical solution to protect your vehicle.

They offer an alternative to building a prefab garage if you feel that a carport will do the job for you equally well.

To create a relaxed space outside the carport, you could also try fixing aluminum awnings to the carport. Available in both manual and motorized, they provide additional protection from sun, rain and snow. Awnings perform a dual job of protecting and adding style to the area. The choices are endless and finding the right one is crucial. Consult a professional before purchasing an awning to ensure you get the right one.

Steel carports are specially manufactured with a protective galvanized zinc coating that holds back the damaging elements of mother nature. This type of carport comes entirely in a steel frame structure with open sides. There is even an option to choose the right gauge for the steel panels of the roof. You could install them on wooden decks, asphalt, concrete, or directly to the ground.

Setup generally lasts no longer than an hour or two and is no rocket science.  They stand strong through the thick and thin of Mother Nature. Even insects and rodents don’t stand a chance against it. There is also a chance to extend your creativity as use carports to add extra outdoor storage. If this is not enough, then there is always an option to go for a totally customized aluminum carports solution to suit your needs.

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Metal Carports-Metal Carport Kits Benefits And Uses

Metal carports have become increasingly popular in the last number of years. And for pretty good reason too.

There are many ways in which you can utilize metal carports. Not only can you use them, as the name implies, for the storage of your car, but there are plenty of other ways to utilize this space.

Metal Carport Kits

Metal carport kits are easy to install and can be assembled pretty quickly. There is not much space needed for them as they fit on a space just a bit bigger than a car, so you can even install carports between your house and an existing building, be it another garage or a laundry room or similar structures.

When you have purchased metal carport kits you want to make sure you use them in the best possible way. Sometimes this means that you will store a car there, but you can use the steel structure also as storage for other stuff that takes up too much space in the house. In this way you can, for instance, move your train collection into the metal building and relive your youth here.

The freestanding metal is solid and does not bulge easily which is a peace of mind if you use it as storage for an expensive collection or something similar. Imagine a little gust of wind blowing over your $100´s worth of porcelain dwarfs. This will definitely not happen if properly installed as the metal carports are durable and can withstand strong gusts of wind.

Even if you want to use the structure as a garage, there are still many ways in which you can utilize some extra space. If you place your RV in the carport it will, in most cases, be pretty full, but if you just park an SUV or a sedan in there you will have plenty of space that you can use.

Use this remaining space for your tools or for a workbench so that if you want to do some handy work in or around the house you have a place where everything can be found together. Nothing is more frustrating than finding one wrench in the kitchen and another one in the bathroom.

Carport Kits

Carport kits come with all the nuts and bolts that are required to install them, so you should not have to worry about any materials. As long as you have a set of wrenches, or even an adjustable wrench, you will be well on your way of adding an extra structure to your house. IF you want to paint the structure you can do so ad it will definitely add value to your house, as garages and carports are very sought after.

Freestanding Metal Carports

Freestanding metal carports are independent aluminum or steel structures for your car or truck. Some factors to consider when considering freestanding metal carports are the quality of the steel.

Rust resistance may be a factor for you if you live in a moist climate and the load bearing capability can also be a factor if your area suffers from heavy snow falls.
All in all you can only do right things by purchasing metal carports. These add value to your house, be it used as an extra building for your equipment, or be it used as a garage for (one of your) cars. There is a very high chance that the addition of the metal carport will add value to the house, so that you do not have to worry about devaluing your property by adding the building.

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