Buying Tips for Modular Garages – Everything You Wanted To Know

Modular garages are definitely one of the most exciting products in the market. They are nothing but prefabricated garages in a production facility that are ready to install or pre-installed and then transported directly to the customer’s property.

They are usually structurally durable and comes with a significant reduction in price – usually as low as 40% compared to a house that is built on site.

Since minimal amount of labor is involved in the whole buying and installing process, the owner don’t have to get stressed out with people and money management.

Are you considering the option of buying modular garages for your home? The modular or prefabricated garage industry offers a comprehensive range of products and it can be confusing for the newcomer to choose a product that suits them the best.

With the right information in hand, decision-making is awfully easy and here are some tips that will help you in the process.

To begin with, there are garages that need zero installation while some require you to work a little while installing the same.

If you’re not technologically inclined, it’s recommended using ready to use modular garages as they can be just unloaded to the location you want and start using them.

Size Dilemma about Modular Garages for Homes

Choosing the right size for your garage may sound like a pretty easy decision but the moment you see the numerous size options you have, the confusion will only increase. For instance, there are one-story, two-story, one-story doublewide and two-story doublewide garages.

One-story singlewide garages are the simplest and the most affordable options, but they definitely come with very limited space. However, a two story singlewide garage can easily accommodate an automobile with plenty of storage space on the first floor.

A double wide garage can offer ample space for two automobiles and this is the best solution for a family with more than one car.

Even if you don’t have two cars, considering a doublewide garage make sense in the event of a friend visiting home or your plans to buy an extra car for your spouse.

To make the decision easier, fix a budget and look for options that suit it.

Things to Consider Before Placing an Order

You need to order your modular or readymade garage from an experienced manufacturer over someone with poor experience, but offers you a very attractive price. Price, of course, is a matter to consider but it should not be the only element to keep in mind when buying a garage.

Check the manufacturer’s history and look for customer reviews if they are readily available to understand what sort of a service you can expect.

Some manufacturers are prompt in delivering, but the quality of their products may not be the best while a manufacturer with longer delivery time (probably because of workload) can deliver the best pre-fabricated garage for your home.

The next thing to do is a price comparison between different manufacturers and the kind of features each one got to offer.

For example, one manufacturer may offer tremendous features on a singlewide garage while the same features can’t be found on another manufacturer’s feature list. Manufacturers use this technique to cut the price and the unsuspicious customer usually thinks he/she got a bargain when in reality what they got is a product with lesser features.

So stay away from such bad experiences, and take your time to read the product description.

The transportation facility, insurance policy and warranty also should be evaluated before placing an order. If you’re doubtful in any way, consult a friend or someone who is experienced and can help you.