An Approximate Price Calculation of Prefab Log Cabins and Homes

Prefabricated log cabins come in numerous design plans and sizes that can be used for the largest family vacation or a small additional space.

While choosing these amazing structures you can opt for homes that have log already installed on the exterior or can choose unassembled logs which you can install by yourself.

Naturally, the options come with different prices and so if you are approximating your budget, there are a few things apart from the design that you might need to consider.

While approximating your budget for prefab log homes here are few points to remember:

  • Land price
  • Facilities provided on the land
  • Utilities that need to be included in the home
  • Permits
  • Any contractors that need to be hired
  • Installation professionals (if needed)
  • The design of home

Prefabricated log homes like all other modular homes are built in a factory environment and then shifted to the actual construction site and assembled together.

This means that all the houses are made in factory control environment that does not expose the raw materials to any harsh weather conditions and you can also expect a timely delivery.

Just because these homes are built in a factory, you might not have to face late delivery excuses related to whether related work stopping. Modular homes definitely come with different price tags depending on its designs, facilities and sizes, but one thing is for sure – they are extremely cheap when compared to constructing a traditional home from scratch!

Moreover, modular cabins give you the freedom to choose the design that you want and give you higher alteration facility. You can alter the floor according to your desires or add or subtract facilities and features including the door, windows, lighting and other customizable options.

Approximate Price Value of a Prefabricated Home:

If you are ready to choose a 900 ft.² home that consists of two bathrooms and two bedrooms, it may cost you around $80,000.

For those who want to go for a much more lavish expenditure, choosing a 2200 ft.² that gives you four bedrooms and three bathrooms may cost you somewhere between $150,000 – $185,000.

If your budgets allows you to roll on with a little extra bucks then with a $198,000, you can be an owner of a lavish 2500 ft.² apartment furnished with four bedrooms and four bathrooms with an additional floor as a bonus space that you can keep for meeting your friends and relatives.

These price structures are just an approximate value for better understanding and have been calculated for homes that are completely finished with furnishings and just need to be installed on the site.

These constructions come completely including all the fixtures, wiring, plumbing, floor treatment, additional cabinets, appliances and other accessories.

The approximate value of a modular home per square feet runs anywhere from $100 – $160 depending on the facilities that you wish to choose.

Remember, that these prices are subjected to changes according to the alterations that you wish to consider, so it is totally up to you to approximate your values by making a few adjustments here and there to get your dream project.

Choosing a prefabricated log cabin can be one of the wisest decisions that you make because they can not only be installed extremely easily, but also can be made in no time at all.

For those who are on a strict budget and cannot afford to go for concrete structures from scratch can definitely choose log cabins for their convenience. The popularity of log cabins has been skyrocketing for the past few years just because they are efficient in time and in value.