Aluminum Carports – The Best Alternative for Your Garage Extension

We all know how difficult it is to maintain a pristine clear garage especially with all the extra toys, bicycles, workstation, Christmas decorations, and the tools that need to find a place outside the home.

The list of things that we put inside our garage just keeps going on and on ultimately leaving no room for your motorcycles, cars or trucks. Or perhaps, you have just bought a new car and one of your beautiful wheels needs to sit outside because you just cannot find it a beautiful shade.

The fact that you have paid your hard-earned money for these wheels and you don’t want the environmental elements to destroy your paint job, the first thing that you would look for is a solution to protect that gorgeous glossy metal.

Aluminum carports are the right solution for such a problem and can be found in metal, canvas, vinyl and wood.

What Are Aluminum Carports?

Carports protect your cars from sunlight and storm by providing a shade over your vehicles. Carports are one of the most excellent ideas for providing shelter to your vehicle without indulging in a lavish expense of building a garage.

Moreover, since these carports are a frame they have a very nice open feel and are easier to install.

What Are The Different Types of Aluminum Carports?

1. Freestanding aluminum carports – if you want complete protection against the weather choosing aluminum freestanding models helps you get a concrete ceiling with effective water drainage.

You can find freestanding aluminum carports in many different color options, ceiling panels that can conceal the underside of the roof, color option for the four standing posts and design elements for drainage system.

You can also choose them from different heights and sizes depending upon the number and type of vehicle that you have to protect.

2. Portable aluminum carports – although aluminum carports are generally installed for permanent purposes, some prefer it for temporary installation and aluminum carports are just fine for the same.

For instance, portable aluminium carports might be extremely beneficial for a car dealer who wants to display his cars temporarily and would want to protect it from the sun and the rain.

These carports can also be carried along with you if you need to move to another location for a short while on business and want your car protected just fine.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Aluminum Carports?

Choosing a metal carport is extremely beneficial for those who require extreme protection against harsh weather conditions. Here are some benefits if you choose aluminum carports as your garage extension:

  • Portability – as said earlier, aluminum carports are lightweight which makes it extremely easy to carry along and set up as and when you desire. An aluminum carport definitely looks much more professional than a circus tent style display and you can surely take it with you if you need the carports temporarily.
  • Easy installation – most aluminum carports kit come with DIY kit, and so it becomes extremely easy for any home owner to assemble it in just a matter of few hours. This means that you do not have to pay for labor charges every time you decide to get it installed or removed.
  • Extremely strong and durable – aluminum carports sometimes come with steel post and it extremely durable and strong. These strong shades can withstand winds up to 80 miles per hour. A durable aluminium carport can withstand 40 pounds of snow / square feet. Moreover, unlike wood, aluminum does not give in to rot, crack, twist or decay; but its corrosion and fire resistant properties won’t bother you at all.

How Much Will Aluminum Carports Cost Me?

Carports usually come in steel and aluminum. Now each of these has their own pros and cons but you will find that aluminum is much less costlier and offer the same benefits as that of steel. The price range of aluminum carports depend upon its size, structural pattern, features, coating and more.

Aluminum carports are one of the best solutions when it comes to an alternative option to your garage. You can not only use them to protect your vehicles but can also be kept as a storage area for protecting other things that cannot be kept inside your garage.