Aluminum Carports and Steel Caports-What You Need To Know

Aluminum carports are an unconventional choice for those seeking a trusted way to park their vehicles. Over the years, carports have become a popular choice by many as they offer the same protection from outside elements as contemporary garages at a much economical price.

They are even easier to set up and are highly weather resistant.  Aluminum is an extremely durable lightweight metal which provides endless variations or options to choose from. An advantage to aluminum carports are its strength to weight ratio, and its non-corrosive property.

Whether you are looking for a carport to rent or build, there are numerous options available for you to choose from. Whatever the size or design, the material used is what distinguishes it from one another.
Carports are manufactured in four major forms:

  1. Polyester Carports
  2. Polyethylene Carports
  3. Steel Carports
  4. Aluminum Carports

All of them are equally effective in protection from rain, snow or sunshine and at the same remarkably easy to assemble as they normally come with customer friendly directions. Their versatility enables you to erect them as permanent or as make-shift structures. Carports are a relatively economical solution to protect your vehicle.

They offer an alternative to building a prefab garage if you feel that a carport will do the job for you equally well.

To create a relaxed space outside the carport, you could also try fixing aluminum awnings to the carport. Available in both manual and motorized, they provide additional protection from sun, rain and snow. Awnings perform a dual job of protecting and adding style to the area. The choices are endless and finding the right one is crucial. Consult a professional before purchasing an awning to ensure you get the right one.

Steel carports are specially manufactured with a protective galvanized zinc coating that holds back the damaging elements of mother nature. This type of carport comes entirely in a steel frame structure with open sides. There is even an option to choose the right gauge for the steel panels of the roof. You could install them on wooden decks, asphalt, concrete, or directly to the ground.

Setup generally lasts no longer than an hour or two and is no rocket science.  They stand strong through the thick and thin of Mother Nature. Even insects and rodents don’t stand a chance against it. There is also a chance to extend your creativity as use carports to add extra outdoor storage. If this is not enough, then there is always an option to go for a totally customized aluminum carports solution to suit your needs.