Prefab Garages: Prefabricated Garages Report

Prefab garages offer a great solution for woodworkers, car enthusiasts, boat owners, truck and motor vehicle owners for their storage problems.

Prefabricated garages are generally easy to erect and assemble and are delivered to you already pre-assembled in a factory or modular garage manufacturer.

Steel prefab garages make great workshops too and can be finished with a finish of your choice such as stucco, brick, and stonework to blend into your property seamlessly.

Prefab garages also offer a wide range of styles and sizes.

Erecting Prefab Garages

There are a number of factors you will need to consider though before installing a prefab garage on your property and one of the principal factors to consider is the question of zoning/planning permission in your area.

Other factors to consider will be site preparation, foundations, excavation, provision of services such as waste, water and power and roofing.

Specific needs will also arise in relation to modular garages which are used as motor vehicle workshops for example in respect of the disposal of oil waste, grease and so on.

Prefab Garages
Another Example of Prefab Garage


The great thing about a prefab garage is that you are limited only by your imagination but you will need to keep in mind the building heights allowed in your area, the number of bays or doors and the square footage restrictions that may apply in your area.


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Prefab Garages Uses

Prefab garages are ideal for the storage of work benches and equipment, boats, skiing equipment, classic cars or indeed your regular motor vehicle or any purpose you may have in mind such as your hobby or for storage for junk built up in your house.

They can also make wonderful home offices of studios for artists or photographers and everyone can probably thing of a specific use that they could use a modular garage for.

Many farmers and horse owners have also installed modular garages as hay barns for their horses, loafing sheds and shelters for their livestock and farm machinery.

Modular Garages
Modular Garage


Prefab Garage Kits


Prefab garage kits are ideal for building your prefab garage. Prefab garage kits generally come with 2 foot by 3 foot or 2 foot by 4 foot rectangular steel framing.

Prefabricated garage kits can be built up to unlimited lengths and generally the sidewall height will be up to 16 feet and 52 feet wide.

When buying prefabricated garage kits check out whether the steel tubing is rectangular or round as rectangular is easier to work with and assemble.

When shopping for prefab garage kits you should be concerned about

1.       The quality of the steel used in your garage kit

2.       Precision engineering and manufacturing

3.       Easy customization of your garage kit tailored to your specific needs.

Prefabricated Carports

Prefabricated carports also offer a great storage solution for your recreational vehicle or truck.

Prefabricated carports should generally require no welding and should be in compliance with regional building code regulations. You should watch out that your carport can be assembled with bolts or some self tapping fasteners.

Modular Garage
Modular Garage
Prefabricated Carports
Prefabricated Carport


Prefabricated Carports
Another Example of Prefabricated Carport


prefabricated carport
Prefabricated Carport

Prefab cabins are another form of prefab structure we take a look at as well as metal carports and prefab steel buildings.